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How To Install Bluetooth Speakers on A Motorcycle-A Quick Guide

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How To Install Bluetooth Speakers on A Motorcycle

While many individuals enjoy the sound of a motorcycle engine but some may prefer to listen to other types of sounds while riding down the roads. Ordinary or conventional modes of transportation, such as a vehicle or bus, surely don’t have these options. You have a hunger that must be satisfied. You want the liberated and thrilling sensations that come with riding a motorcycle.

You don’t want to travel without listening to your favorite music. You must be able to hear your music above the sounds of engines, whether it be rock n’ roll, hip hop, or country music. Your outdoor experience can be enhanced by music played on your motorcycle via Bluetooth or handlebar speakers. The grill can be a lot of fun and vital when good music is playing from your cruiser speakers.

You can have a wonderful experience with a playable speaker frame that plays your favorite tunes, tangled in your hair, and unique riding. In this article, you can get information about the features and benefits of the speakers in bikes. You can also get to know how to install Bluetooth speakers on a motorcycle.

Some Benefits of having speakers on bikes
There are so many benefits of having the playing system of your own choice in your own personal vehicle such as a car or bike etc.

Increases the resale value of the vehicle

  • Selling a motorcycle that allows the rider to listen to music can boost the resale value of the motorcycle, depending on the bike and speakers.

Increases the factor of entertainment

  • Some motorcycle speakers can be used for entertainment and music. The speakers can add more fun to your journey when you are traveling alone or with someone. You can vibe with the song and enjoy the journey.

GPS voice navigation feature

  • Most motorcycle speakers work with iPhones and other Bluetooth devices. You can use GPS navigation also because the Bluetooth will be connected to your phone.

Provides good experience

  • You can make a playlist or set a soundtrack for every day or long rides using the speakers on your motorcycle.

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What are the features you need in speakers for your motorbike?

They must be waterproof
Because your motorbike speakers will almost certainly be exposed to the elements, you’ll want to make sure they’re weatherproof and long-lasting.

It should have wattage
The wattage of motorbike speakers is usually determined by the location where you ride. Motorcyclists that want to ride in more distant areas will benefit from high-wattage speakers. However, you should determine whether low-voice speakers are the best option for you. Aim for closer to 600 watts if you’re a highway rider. When your music is turned up to full blast, the higher the wattage, the better it will sound.

The Root Mean Square (RMS)
RMS power, or Root Mean Square power, is a rating that indicates how much continuous power an amplifier or speaker can handle. To determine the maximum output that motorcycle speakers can handle, look at the RMS power.

Although most motorbike speakers support Bluetooth, it is not necessarily safe to presume. It’s also possible that you don’t prefer to connect to gadgets this way. Check whether they come with an auxiliary connector on the amplifier. If they do, you’ll have more opportunities to connect.

Looks and elegance can sometimes take precedence over comfort and convenience. When it comes to selecting the best motorcycle speakers for your bike, however, comfort and convenience should be examined. When using handlebar-mounted speakers, avoid creating a crowded environment. A helmet headset speaker is another alternative, which allows for hands-free operation. Whatever you choose, be sure it provides you with comfort, convenience, and, most importantly, safety.

Types of speakers used Motorcycle speakers

There are two types of speakers which can be used on motorcycles. These are given as below:

Handle Bar speakers

Handlebar-mounted speakers on motorcycles can add a level of style that helmet speakers can’t. Because the speakers are visible, they can alter the appearance of a bike and make it stand out. Handlebar speakers are typically louder and have more features.

On a motorcycle, it’s always the handlebar speakers. A large majority of them are sold through a speaker frame to ensure you obtain the highest quality steady.How-To-Install-Bluetooth-Speakers-on-A-Motorcycle (1)

Helmet speakers

New technological accessories that attach to the riding helmet are motorcycle helmet speakers. These speakers use a Bluetooth network to allow you to listen to music from a range of devices. Motorcycle helmet speakers or headsets are often modest in size but have a tremendous sound. The headset/speaker is either incorporated into or attached to the helmet. Helmet headsets are available in both wired and wireless versions. They are excellent for both enjoyment and communication with other riders.How-To-Install-Bluetooth-Speakers-on-A-Motorcycle (2)

How to install Bluetooth speakers on the handlebar of the motorbike

You can install the speakers on the handlebar of the bike on your own. You just need to follow some steps carefully and you can make your bike a premium one.

Instruments Required

  • A pair of Clamps of the size of your bike’s handle.
  • 1 × Optronics QH-87CD 2.5″ Halogen driving kit.
  • 2 x 2″ range speakers. The speakers of more RMS watts are better.
  • Metal washers.
  • Small size metal washers.
  • A switch and wires.
  • A mini amplifier if you like.
  • Use a 1/8′′ male phono to stereo RCA type cable to connect an audio source to an amplifier.

Check the wiring of the speakers

  • By opening the Halogen lights, you can remove the light bulb and assembly.
  • Remove the metal bulb support framework with a pair of pliers.
  • By twisting them with a little force, they can be broken apart.
  • The speaker cable should be threaded through the hole.

How-To-Install-Bluetooth-Speakers-on-A-Motorcycle (1)

Preparing the speakers

  • Using the front cover from the light assembly, trace the back of the speaker with an awl.
  • Use this as a guide to help you decide where to trim.
  • Using a rotary cutting tool, shape the square speaker into a circular shape.
  • Only cut the speaker’s plastic body, not the speaker itself.
  • Leave about 3/8′′ of plastic around the speaker to fit it within the light cover.How-To-Install-Bluetooth-Speakers-on-A-Motorcycle (2)

Setting Up the speakers

  • With a 2′′ square piece of screen trimmed to fit in a screen window’s light cover.
  • Use a hot glue gun around the corners to secure the screen in place.

Assembling the speaker for final use

  • While the Hot Glue is still heated, place the speaker into the light cover.
  • It is necessary to connect the speaker wire to the speaker.
  • Place the speaker, screen, and light cover in the light housing.

Installation of speakers

  • Secure the speakers to the handlebars with the clamps.
  • Use the washers on the top and bottom of the clamps to place the speakers.
  • Run your cord to your amp’s location under the tank.
  • The amp can be mounted in a variety of locations depending on your bike.
  • You could store it in a tank bag, saddlebag, under-the-seat light tool bag, or beneath the seat if space allows.
  • You might wish to get an optional in-line fuse for the amp power.How-To-Install-Bluetooth-Speakers-on-A-Motorcycle (3)

How to install Bluetooth speakers in the helmet

When your phone rings while you’re riding your motorcycle, you must come to a complete stop and park your bike. Motorcycle riders have long coveted the option to use Bluetooth to communicate, listen to music, and receive instructions. Not all helmets, however, have this level of creativity.

Bluetooth does not have to be expensive to install on your motorcycle. If you follow a few basic steps, you can do it yourself. This article was written with the intention of assisting you in this attempt. You don’t have to be helpless in this situation. You do not need to cut Bluetooth out of your helmet to install it.

Choosing the speakers

The first step is to choose which headset is best for your riding style and requirements. All Bluetooth speakers will not fit comfortably inside your helmet. As a result, be sure to look for speakers that are compatible with your helmet.

With the exception of the microphone to know how to install Bluetooth speakers on a motorcycle, the installation technique is the same whether you have a full-face or half-face helmet. You’ll need a headset with a microphone to converse while wearing a half helmet.

Cutting the foam of the helmet for speakers

  • Once you’ve discovered a nice position to keep the speaker, cut out the foam lining around your ears.
  • Before installing the speakers, the helmet must be fitted in the same manner as it is today.
  • Remove the foam from the speakers’ surrounds.
  • For the outline region, it is advisable to sketch speakers onto the foam.

Placing the speakers

  • Remove the paper from the Velcro backing on the speaker and press it into place.
  • Make sure it stays attached to the microphone and follows it around.How-To-Install-Bluetooth-Speakers-on-A-Motorcycle (3)

Drill and make holes

  • Drill some holes and attach retaining screws to provide a good fit between the Bluetooth helmet microphone and the helmet.
  • You can make a drill of the right size with a cordless drill.

Installing the microphone

  • Install a wired microphone for your full-face helmet on the chin guard, just in front of your mouth.
  • These mics come with Velcro that must be used to place them in a good, vent-free area.
  • After that, stick your microphone to the Velcro.
  • Route the extra wire beneath the cheek pads to keep it out of the way and preserve a clean look.How-To-Install-Bluetooth-Speakers-on-A-Motorcycle (4)

Setting the Amplifier and adjusting the microphone

  • To protect the Bluetooth headset, the amplifier pack and boom microphone are situated on the side of the helmet.
  • It must stay in place so that the microphone is aligned with the wearer’s mouth. Make a mark with a pencil on the area.

Press the wires into the liner

  • First, properly install the microphone amplifier.
  • The next step is to make sure the cables are secured and hidden appropriately.
  • The bulk of the kids will be using a wooden tool to do this assignment.
  • Connect the wires to the lining’s seams after selecting the tool.

Position the speakers and test the results

  • Combine the helmet with the boom mic and put it through its paces with the other gadgets.
  • Your Bluetooth device must be paired with other Bluetooth devices.

How to Install Bluetooth Speakers On a Motorcycle-Conclusion

No matter what kind of motorcycle you have or how long you ride it, a motorcycle speaker system is a terrific way to enjoy it. But you only need to acquire the most compatible one and make sure it’s installed correctly.

Installing a Bluetooth headset on your motorcycle helmet is straightforward. It allows you to stay connected while on the move. While riding, you can communicate with other riders and listen to music. It also helps to avoid errors by preventing you from losing attention while operating your phone.

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