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SteelSeries Esports Wireless FPS Gaming Mouse instructions

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SteelSeries Esports Wireless FPS Gaming Mouse

SteelSeries-Esports-Wireless-FPS-Gaming-Mouse-imgSteelSeries Esports Wireless FPS Gaming Mouse


Brand SteelSeries
Color Black
Connectivity Technology Wireless, USB
Special Feature Gaming
Movement Detection Technology Optical
Construction ABS plastic, PET-Polyester Silk Cable
Shape Ergonomic Right-handed
Grip Style Claw, Fingertip, Palm
Buttons 5
Switches Type SteelSeries Prestige OM Switch, Rating: 100 Million Clicks
Sensor Type TrueMove Air CPI: 18000, IPS: 400, Acceleration: 40G
Mouse Feet Virgin Grade PTFE
Illumination 1 Zone RGB
Weight 80g (without cable)
Item model number ‎62593
Hardware Platform ‎PC
Operating System ‎Windows, Mac, Xbox, and Linux. USB port required.
Product Dimensions ‎2.67 x 4.93 x 1.67 inches


SteelSeries Wireless mouse is designed in conjunction with more than 100 professionals for continued comfort and agility in the most difficult FPS gameplay environments. Next-gen technology, a first in esports, offers a click reaction time that is 5 times quicker than the competition and lasts for 100 million crisp clicks. The TrueMove Air sensor, which was created for professional settings, delivers unmatched accuracy and accurate 1-to-1 tracking with 18K CPI, 400 IPS, and 40G. Data is safely sent using next-generation Quantum 2.0 technology, which has an industry-leading 100-hour battery life and quick charging. The Prime was specifically designed for right-handed professional players, using a variety of grip techniques like the finger, palm, and claw for maximum comfort and satisfying performance.


  • Rival 3 Wireless Mouse
  • Nano Dongle
  • 2x AAA Batteries
  • Product Information Guide



  1. Left Trigger
  2. Right Trigger
  3. Scroll Wheel
  4. CPI Button
  5. Side Button 1
  6. Side Button 2
  7. Battery Cover
  8. Nano Dongle Compartment
  9. Battery Compartments
  10. Nano Dongle SteelSeries-Esports-Wireless-FPS-Gaming-Mouse-img-2
  11. PTFE Feet
  12. TrueMove Air Sensor
  13. Wireless Mode Switch



  1. Connect the Rival 3 Wireless Nano Dongle to an available USB port on your device.
  2. Toggle the Wireless Mode Switch to the “2.4 GHz” position.
  3. The Scroll Wheel will glow orange when connected.
  4. To further customize your mouse or re-pair a Nano Dongle, download the SteelSeries Engine software from steelseries.com/engine



  1. Initiate Bluetooth pairing mode on your Bluetooth 5.0 or higher enabled device.
  2. Hold the CPI Button and toggle the Wireless Mode Switch to the Bluetooth position to turn on your mouse.
  3. The Scroll Wheel will start blinking blue when searching for a connection.
  4. Select “Rival 3 Wireless” on your Bluetooth-enabled device. The Scroll Wheel will glow orange when connected.





  1. Slide the Battery Cover down to remove it.
  2. Insert either one or two AAA Batteries (included) into the Battery Compartment(s) with the minus side first.
  3. Slide the Battery Cover back onto the mouse.


The Scroll Wheel will flash orange to notify you about battery life:

  • Flashing every 5 minutes ~ 10 hours of use left
  • Flashing every 2 minutes ~ 5 hours of use left
  • Flashing every minute ~ 2 hours of use left

Are SteelSeries gaming mice good?

SteelSeries creates gaming mice for both elite and recreational players, and they are frequently incredibly well-made and pleasant to use. No matter what operating system you use, you can access all customization options thanks to their top-notch software support and platform compatibility.

Do FPS games benefit more from a wireless mouse?

yes. Nowadays, wireless technology is so advanced that even professional gamers who play competitively favor it over cable alternatives. Even for expert players, there is no discernible difference in latency between a top-tier wired and wireless mouse.

Is playing FPS games at low DPI preferable?

You will benefit greatly from using the best dpi for fps games when aiming at your opponents. The second option has a high DPI but low in-game sensitivity, making the mouse movement accurate but too sluggish to be utilized in first-person shooters.

What switches are employed by SteelSeries mice?

New optical magnetic switches that are designed to last 5 times longer than the competition, with clicks that are 4X more constant and twice as precise, are included in every mouse in the new SteelSeries Prime series.

SteelSeries has a warranty, right?

Only manufacturing-related flaws are covered under warranties. It excludes normal wear and tear, including but not limited to breaking brought on by misuse, abuse, water damage, or other factors resulting from things that happened after the production process.

What number of buttons works best for a gaming mouse?

The amount of buttons is entirely up to you, but unless you’re playing an MMO, I’ve found that the typical configuration of five buttons—left, right, two sides, and a scroll click—is more than plenty for the majority of games.

How can I alter the SteelSeries mouse polling rate?

Holding down the CPI button, which is located on the mouse’s bottom, allows you to adjust the polling rate. The scroll wheel’s RGB light will blink to indicate a change in the polling rate. Within SteelSeries Engine / GG, the polling rate may also be modified.

Are gaming mice suitable for regular use?

Gaming mice are suitable for daily usage since they are made to provide incredibly precise precision and quickness when playing games. In actuality, they can provide you with more working alternatives than a standard mouse.

What level of mouse sensitivity should I use?

There are sensitivity options in addition to DPI that increase the DPI of your mouse. The first is the default setting for mouse sensitivity in Windows, which should always be set to the sixth notch. Any higher than 6/11, and your mouse motions run the danger of skipping pixels.

A mouse can only stay in one place for so long.

In general, a mouse will live longer if it has more access to food and shelter. This implies that a mouse in your home has the capacity to remain there for at least a few months.

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