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Redragon M686 Wireless Gaming Mouse complete review

79 / 100

Redragon M686 Wireless Gaming Mouse

Redragon-M686-Wireless-Gaming-Mouse-imgRedragon M686 Wireless Gaming Mouse


Brand Redragon
Color Black
Connectivity Technology 2.4Ghz Wireless, USB-C
Special Feature Wireless
Movement Detection Technology Optical
Product Dimensions 7.48 x 5.51 x 1.73 inches
Item Weight 4.3 ounces
Item model number M686
Batteries 1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)


The Redragon M686 wireless gaming mouse with a 2.4GHz dongle frees you from cables, which really has an impact on the accuracy of your combat reaction. It strives to provide the purest mouse-moving experience, assisting you in raising your KDA once more. With 5 onboard DPI settings (1000, 2000, 4000, 8000, and 16000), your mouse movements may be detected with extreme precision. The software makes it simple to adjust each of the 5 DPI levels, allowing you to quickly change your DPI settings. In whatever game or task you are engaged in, all eight programmable buttons may be edited using a variety of tactical key binds. Three side macro buttons are also included, which improves the gaming and working environments.

With the PAW3335 Optical Pixart sensor installed, the mouse’s power consumption is significantly decreased in dual mode at 1000Hz. The mouse will keep you gaming for up to 45 hours (eco-mode) when paired with a sturdy rechargeable battery! With unlimited options like dynamic streaming, breathing, glowing, and multiple lighting settings to light up your home and give you that competitive in-game atmosphere, the Redragon Pro driver helps you to express your flair.

Button Description

  1. Left mouse button.
  2. Right mouse button.
  3. Scroll wheel and middle button.
  4. Forward button.
  5. Backward button.
  6. Shift button.
  7. DPI+ button (defaulted to speed up the cursor}.
  8. DPI- button (defaulted to slow down the cursor).
  9. Working Mode button {used to switch between the two working modes).
  10. Power Switch: Power On with LED ON/ Power OFF / Power On without LED.


Basic Operation

How to Conned the Mouae with a Computer

Wired Connection
  1. Take out the USB to USB C cable in the package and connect the mouse to your computer.
  2. SIJdethe power switch on the bottom of the mouse to Powe, On with LED ON, or Power On without LED.
  3. The computer will recognize and configure the mouse automatically,
  4. The mouse will be ready for use when the configuration is finished. The LED of the LOGO and the lower edge will light on then if the power switch on the bottom of the mouse to Power On with LED ON.
  5. The mouse is under recharging whatever the power switch is put On with or without LED ON. The scroll wheel will light up if the power switch is put to Power ON with LED ON. And It does not light up if the power switch Is putto Power On without LED.
    It may take about four hours for the mou5e to be fully recharged.
Wireless connection
  1. Take out the USS receiver in the package and plug it into any available USS port on your computer.
  2. Slide the power switch on the bottom of the mouse to Power on with LED ON or Power On without LED.
  3. The computer will recognize a11d and configure the keyboard automatically.
  4. The mouse will be ready for use when the c□11figura1Ion Is finished. The LED of the LOGO and the lower edge will light on then if the power switch on the bottom of the mouse to Power On with LED ON.
  5. The mouse can work for about 9 hours with the LED backlight OFF, and about 2 hours with the LED backlight be ON. The scroll wheel light will flash when the battery is low
  6. Recharge the keyboard when the battery is low.

How to Select DPI

The two buttons on the top of the mouse are set to DPI+ / DPI – as the default
DPI indicator light: Behind the Scroll Wheel key, there is a DPI indicator light.
Redd–1000 DPI
Blue — 2000 DPI
Green – 4000 DPI
Yellow-8000 DPI
Orange-16000 DPI

How to Switch the Working Mode

There are two working modes> for the mou5e. You can change the working mode with the mode button on the bottom of the mouse. When you press the mode button, the scroll wheel flashes in blue-violet four times slowly or quickly, and the polling rate of the mouse was set to 125Hz or 1OOOHz correspondingly. The dpi value, backlight effects, and button functions can be set via software for each working mode.

How to Recharge the Battery

When the battery is low, please recharge the battery in time.
Take out the USB to USB C cable and connect the mouse and any USB power output port. While the battery Is under recharging, the scroll wheel lights up and flashes firstly In red (if the battery is very low), then in yellow, and finally light5 steadily on in green when the battery is fully recharged. Meanwhile, the side edge light lights up and expands from the back to the front in red till the battery is fully recharged.
The battery can be recharged for more than 300 cycle times. A11d you can use the mouse while It is under recharging.
Note: Slide the power switch on the bottom of the mouse to OFF for long-term storage.

How to Reconnect the Mouse with the USB Receiver

The mouse may lose connection with the USB receiver for some occasional reasons such as strong magnet, and violent vibration. So you may need to reconnect the mouse with the USB receiver. In this case, unplug the receiver and plug it back again. Slide the power switch on the bottom of the mouse to ON, and press and hold the Left, Middle, and Right button at the same time till the scroll wheel lights up and flash in yellow and green. It will flash for about twenty seconds and then change back to the previous light effect. The reconnection will be completed and you can use the mouse then.


Auto Sleep and Smart Shutdown

The mouse will sleep in eight minutes If there Is no operation or when you shut down the computer or unplug the USB receiver. You can wake it up by clicking any mouse button except the DPI+ and DPI- buttons.

Low Battery Indication

The scroll wheel light will flash yellow when the battery is low.

Backlight Effects (set via software)

LOGO Effects: Steady ON, Reipinrtion, Neon, OFF.
LED Effects: Steady ON, Respiration, Streaming, OFF.

Storage for the Nano USB Receiver

The nano USB receiver can be stored In the storage slot on the bottom of the mouse.

Software Instructions

Please download the software on www.redragonzone.com for this mouse. You can get more functions and settings after software installation,

  1. The DPl value can be set from 100 to 16000DPI.
  2. Continuous keystroke function: Set the number of clicks and delay time.
  3. Backlight mode of the LOGO, Steady ON/OFF.
  4. Backlight mode of the side edge: Steady OFF.
  5. 10 of the mouse buttons can be remapped to various actions.
  6. Polling rate: 125Hz/250Hz/500Hz/1OOOHz. As default, working mode 1 was set to 125Hz and working mode 2 was set to 1OOOHz.
  7. For each of the two working modes, the mouse buttons can be set independently.
  8. Battery percentage indication: Battery percentage information is shown on the main interface of the software.

My mouse won’t function when using the cord to charge it. Moreover, it does not function when fully charged and plugged in. Do I have something missing?

It must function. If not, try these fixes: check if your USB port is functioning correctly, or try a different one. Just turn on the switch underneath the mouse to check. If the issue persists, try a different USB-C cable or get in touch with the vendor; if your equipment is broken in any way, they could send you a replacement.

Is it possible to use the same dongle that comes with the keyboard’s mouse? Vishnu, Redragon K596

On the mouse end, a typical USB Type-C cable is used, and on the computer end, a typical USB 2.0 cable. Indeed, I would say. The K596 also makes use of a USB Type C.

I’ve had this charging for the past 12 hours with the red flashing light on. Am I missing something?

If the scroll wheel is blinking red, your device is in eco mode, as has probably already been determined. The switch has three positions: eco, off, and on. The middle position is the off setting.

What, if any, differences exist between the setup for BT and USB?

Not sure what you mean by setup; I connect through USB. I only use it as a regular mouse, not for gaming. Uncomfortable to use because it seems to require the chord most of the time while in heavy usage owing to power depletion from use/lights. Moreover, the support choices only allow for single colors or pre-programmed cycling colors, rendering software to change lights all but worthless.

The wheel is smooth?

You can feel each tick if you scroll slowly up or down because it “ticks” as you move the cursor. Almost identical to other mice. It is treaded and rubberized, somewhat like like a vehicle tire, if you meant texture. Overall, I adore this mouse. completes the task!

Where do you get the software from? I believe it to be Redragon software, but I can’t seem to locate it.

The supplemental software is available here. You can’t put links in this, so you’ve had to type it weirdly to get around it. merely include the com redragonshop (click software at the top). For some reason, Redragon has about 3 websites. RD Shop, RD Shop Zone, and RD USA. It’s strange how one website will have drivers for one of its items but the other won’t.

Does this mouse drag to make a sound?

as in clicking and dragging your window’s widgets? Then, of course. I believe that every mouse does that action indefinitely. I have owned this mouse for a number of months. It is a kickass mouse, and I really suggest it as well as other Red Dragon items.

I’ve got two PCs next to each other. Can I use two wireless ones next to each other?

I haven’t personally utilized two of them in close proximity to one another, but you should be able to. Yet, it functions properly when near other wireless devices ( keyboards and trackpads).

Do the lights come on automatically or do they come on just when the mouse is moved?

Actually, both. Once you move it, they remain lit for a time until ultimately turning off once more, much like a monitor going to sleep. For the record, I’m using a Mac, so a PC could behave differently. I am aware that the PC provides access to custom settings that a Mac does not provide.

Is the claw grip on this mouse good?

Yeah, the mouse is really rather pleasant to use when held with a claw grip. The buttons are still easily accessible, and your fingers don’t chafe against one another. By the way, the mouse with a claw grip is comfortable even with my enormously large hands and lengthy fingers; it would also be comfortable if you had little hands.

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