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Razer DeathAdder V3 Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse instructions

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Razer DeathAdder V3 Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse

Razer-DeathAdder-V3-Pro-Wireless-Gaming-Mouse-imgRazer DeathAdder V3 Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse


Brand Razer
Color Black
Connectivity Technology Bluetooth, USB
Movement Detection Technology Optical
Sensor Focus Pro 30K Optical
Sensitivity (DPI) 30,000
Max Speed (IPS) 750
Max Acceleration (G) 70
Programmable Buttons 5 (+1 DPI)
Switches Optical Mouse Switches Gen-3
Click Lifecycle 90 million clicks
Approx. Weight 63 g
Connectivity Wireless 2.4GHz / Wired Type C
Item model number ‎RZ01-04630100-R3U1
Product Dimensions ‎5.01 x 2.65 x 1.69 inches


With one of the lightest ergonomic esports mouse ever made, you can play with the kind of speed and control that the best players in the world prefer. V3 Pro has flawless tracking performance supplemented by intelligent features for improved aim and control on a broader range of surfaces, including glass. The mouse has the dependability and speed designed for esports, including an enhanced 90 million click lifespan with no double-clicking difficulties and a scorching 0.2-millisecond actuation with minimal debounce delay.

Enjoy high-performance, low-latency competitive play that stays smooth and consistent even in loud wireless areas with a connection that is 25% quicker than any other wireless technology now available. The battery that is smaller, lighter, and recharged by USB Type C has higher power efficiency and can play continuously for up to 90 hours. The Razer DeathAdder‘s distinctive design has been further enhanced in collaboration with top esports professionals to maintain its reputation for award-winning comfort and handling.

What’s in the box

  • Razer DeathAdder V3 Pro


A. Left mouse button
B. Status indicator
C. Right mouse button
D. Scroll wheel
E. Mouse button 5
F. Mouse button 4
G. USB Type C port
H. PTFE mouse feet
I. Power / DPI cycle button*
J. Razer™ Focus Pro 30K Optical Sensor

  • Wireless USB dongle + USB dongle adapter


  • USB Type A to USB Type C Speedflex cable


  • Important Product Information Guide



Plug the charging cable from your PC’s USB port into the Razer DeathAdder V3 Pro. For best results, please fully charge the mouse before using it for the first time. A depleted battery will be fully charged in approximately 4 hours.



  • Via wired mode

Connect the mouse to any of your PC’s USB ports using the charging cable to use it in wired mode.


  • Via Razer™ HyperSpeed Wireless (2.4GHz) mode

    1. Plug the wireless USB dongle into your PC. Razer-DeathAdder-V3-Pro-Wireless-Gaming-Mouse-img-6
    2. Press and hold the power / DPI cycle button for 3 seconds to power on the mouse. Razer-DeathAdder-V3-Pro-Wireless-Gaming-Mouse-img-7



The status indicator will blink red twice in repeated intervals to indicate that its battery’s power is less than 5%. This lighting sequence will repeat until the battery is drained or the mouse is connected to a PC via the charging cable.



Press and hold the power / DPI button for 3 seconds to power on or off the mouse.



Change the mouse’s DPI to match your playstyle with a press of the Power / DPI cycle button or fine-tune your own sensitivity setting using the Razer Synapse app. The status indicator will briefly change its color to show which DPI stage is currently active.



What is the product’s warranty? The warranty and return policy on Amazon claims to be valid for 30 days.

I think all of Razer’s products come with a two-year warranty.

Is the polling rate dongle for 4000 Hz included, or only the 1000 Hz one?

The 4000hz dongle is only available with frequencies below 1000 Hz and is offered only on the Razer website (currently sold out)

Does this come in a smaller-handed version? I feel too large for the 5″ length.

The DAV3 only comes in one size, thus if size 5 is too big, I’d recommend trying the viper v2 pro.

Can we keep the USB cord in and use it wired for those of us who don’t like wireless?

Absolutely, you can play with it while still plugged in and with the mouse turned off! Although I wouldn’t pay the extra for wifi merely to use it wired, if the shape suits you just fine, I’m not going to charge you anything.

Both the black and white models share the same shell material and finish. Or do they each have a different texture when touched?

The black and white versions have the same sensation! The simplest way to describe the coating on the DAv3 and the Viper v2 is to compare it to the way PBT feels on keycaps.

Does the DeathAdder v3 Pro support wire 4000 Hz?

Yes, it is possible to use the HyperPolling wireless dongle to achieve a polling rate of 4000 Hz. It is presently out of stock and is available through Razer for $30. In particular with the V3 Deathadder, Razer claims that its 1000hz polling rate is the most reliable and precise sensor on the market. Please be aware that setting the 4000hz polling rate will result in a 4x quicker battery depletion. While playing games, most reviewers claim they don’t see a difference, but it “feels” quicker.

Is the coating/shell used on the White version different from that on the Black version?

No, both employ the same substance! If you are familiar with the feel of PBT keycaps, they have a little gritty texture.

Does the coating on the black and white versions have a different texture, or is the difference only aesthetic?

Though it seems on packaging and ads that the white variety is 1 gramme heavier, there is no discernible difference in how the colours feel.

Can you use this wired? I’ve never used a wireless mouse before, and I don’t want to constantly charging one, so can I use it wired?

Absolutely, you may always use it when connected. So unless you absolutely adore the form, getting a wireless mouse to use it wired is a waste of money. With a 4000hz polling rate, the mouse you are purchasing has the greatest wireless technology currently available.

Can you instantly swap between two wired and wireless devices?

It lacks Bluetooth, however, if you connected it to one device while using the wireless dongle with another, it should theoretically function for both as long as you kept disconnecting it.

Does this mouse support super glides as well?

Superglides do the function for the DA v3, as they are particularly made for it.

Is it functional without the razer software running?

I think you just need it to update items on the mouse; you don’t even need it to use the mouse. After everything is configured the way you want it, you can simply delete it.

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