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Razer DeathAdder V2 Gaming Mouse instructions

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Razer DeathAdder V2 Gaming Mouse

Razer-DeathAdder-V2-Gaming-Mouse-imgRazer DeathAdder V2 Gaming Mouse


Brand Razer
Color Classic Black
Connectivity Technology Wired – Razer™ Speedflex Cable
Special Feature LED Lights,
Movement Detection Technology Optical
Mouse Shape Right-Handed
Sensor Focus+ 20k DPI Optical Sensor
Series ‎DeathAdder v2
Item model number ‎RZ01-03210100-R3U1
Hardware Platform ‎PC
Item Weight ‎6.4 ounces
Product Dimensions ‎2.87 x 5 x 1.69 inches


The most acclaimed and honored gaming mouse in the world, the Razer DeathAdder, has sold over 10 million units, and its outstanding ergonomic design has contributed to its success. It is ideal for a palm grip and also functions well with claw and fingertip grips. This tradition is continued with the Razer DeathAdder V2, which keeps its distinctive form while losing more weight for better handling and enhanced gaming. Beyond standard workplace ergonomics, the optimized design also offers increased gaming comfort, which is crucial for those lengthy raids or while you’re gaining ladder rank.


  • Razer DeathAdder V2 Pro


A. Left mouse button
B. Right mouse button
C. Scroll wheel
D. DPI stage up
E. DPI stage down
F. Mouse button 5
G. Mouse button 4
H. Ultraslick mouse feet
I. Wireless USB dongle compartment
J. Razer™ Focus+ 20K DPI Optical Sensor
K. Profile indicator
L. Profile button
M. Mouse dock connector*
N. Slider switch
• Bluetooth mode
• Power off mode
• Razer™ HyperSpeed Wireless (2.4 Ghz) mode
O. Wireless USB dongle

  • Razer™ Speedflex charging cable
  • USB dongle adapter
  • Important Product Information Guide



Plug the charging cable from your computer’s USB port into your Razer DeathAdder V2 Pro. For best results, please fully charge the mouse before using it for the first time. A depleted battery will be fully charged in approximately 4 hours. This connection also acts as the wired mode for your Razer device.



The Razer logo will blink red twice in repeated intervals to indicate that its battery’s power is less than 5%. This lighting sequence will repeat until the battery is drained or the mouse is connected to the PC via the charging cable.




  1. Remove the compartment cover from the mouse to remove the wireless USB dongle. Razer-DeathAdder-V2-Gaming-Mouse-img-4
  2. Reattach the compartment cover and insert the wireless USB dongle into the USB port of your PC. Razer-DeathAdder-V2-Gaming-Mouse-img-5
  3. Push the slider switch to Razer™ HyperSpeed Wireless (2.4 GHz) mode.Razer-DeathAdder-V2-Gaming-Mouse-img-6


  1. Push the slider switch to Bluetooth mode.Razer-DeathAdder-V2-Gaming-Mouse-img-7
  2. Press and hold the two side buttons and the DPI stage-up button simultaneously for three seconds to activate pairing mode. The Razer logo will blink twice in repeated intervals to show that the device is in pairing mode.Razer-DeathAdder-V2-Gaming-Mouse-img-8
  3. Activate Bluetooth on your device, search for new Bluetooth devices, and select “Razer DeathAdder V2 Pro” from the list of devices found.
  4. Wait until the mouse pairs with your device. When paired, the Razer logo will briefly turn static blue before displaying its current lighting effect.Razer-DeathAdder-V2-Gaming-Mouse-img-9

Congratulations, your Razer DeathAdder V2 Pro is now ready to use in Bluetooth mode.


The page or font will occasionally get smaller when I use the scroll wheel, and I have to restart the computer to fix it. Why does this happen?

Typically, the Control (Ctrl) key must be pushed and kept down while scrolling the mouse wheel in order for it to execute that purpose. The font/size of a web page should be increased in one direction and decreased in the other. If you scroll the mouse wheel without pressing the “Ctrl” key, one of your “Ctrl” keys may be stuck. If so, I advise replacing your keyboard with a different one. If the issue is resolved, the keyboard was the cause; if not, I am not aware of any additional Windows settings that might control this.

Can I use it with my Xbox Series S?

Games that support keyboard and mouse will function with this mouse on Xbox Series S and X. Check first to see if the games you play support KB + M. You must use the mouse’s proprietary software (Razer Synapse) on a PC if you want to change any of the settings. All adjustments made using the program will be stored on the mouse because it contains onboard memory.

Is it possible to program the buttons to map, assign, or replicate the buttons on gaming controllers (such as the Logitech F710, F310, etc.)?

Programmable mouse buttons are available. But, you choose the intended signal from a menu for each button. I’m not sure whether you can modify the options menu to include a custom signal. To configure your mouse, you must have the RAZER SYNAPSE application running on your Windows computer.

What data is gathered by the mouse software and/or transmitted to Razer?

Razer Synapse 3 gathers data on how you use our goods and services, including information on the pages you visit, how long you spend using them, and other data on your actions when utilizing our hardware, and software, or while signed in to your Razer ID account. We gather this information so that we may improve our goods and services and better understand your usage habits and marketing choices. Please check the official website for more details on the Razer Privacy Policy.

Is the program indeed the malware that it is described in the reviews as being? Does it call home after gathering data about your computer and the programs you use?

No. There is no spyware in Razer Synapse. According to its privacy policy, Razer is committed to protecting user and customer privacy as well as any personal data provided to the business.

Is this compatible with an HP desktop running Windows 8?

It must function properly. The mouse will function with or without the program, however, I’m not sure if the razor software is still functional with Win8 (it probably is, but I haven’t verified).

Is it possible to set the light to a fixed color (like red) and have it remain that way even when Synapse isn’t running?

Sure, however, you must first set the static color using a program like OpenRazer+RazerGenie on Linux before you can stop using the software (Synapse or OpenRazer). Even when the mouse is hot-plugged and the OS is operating in the BIOS, the color remains constant.

Can I set the light to a constant color, like red, and have it remain that way even when Synapse isn’t running?

Yeah, however, to set the static color, you must use a program like Linux’s OpenRazer+RazerGenie after which you no longer require the software (Synapse or OpenRazer). Even in the BIOS, where no OS is operating, and even if you hot connect the mouse, the color remains constant.

How can you make it shine brighter? Once it awakens, mine just lights up for approximately 30 seconds. I have installed Synapse, yes.

Yours seems like it could be flawed in that regard, as mine is always on when I use it. It remains in place for a sufficient period of time. I program its lights and their colors using Synapse. Perhaps you configured Synapse such that its light-up time is limited?

How can a mouse button be modified to shift + left click? It appears that I can only switch between keyboard and mouse click, not both.

Macros can be used to do this. Contact our Support Team at https://support.razer.com/contact-support/ or shoot us an email at amazon.support@razer.com if you need assistance configuring them. We’ll be pleased to help you every step of the way.

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