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Razer Kraken V3 Pro HyperSense Wireless Gaming Headset instructions

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Razer Kraken V3 Pro HyperSense Wireless Gaming Headset

Razer-Kraken-V3-Pro-HyperSense-Wireless-Gaming-Headset-imgRazer Kraken V3 Pro HyperSense Wireless Gaming


Brand Razer
Model Name Kraken V3 Pro
Color Black
Form Factor Over-Ear
Connectivity Technology USB
Product Dimensions 9.3 x 8 x 4.3 inches
Item Weight 1.66 pounds
Item model number RZ04-03460100-R3U1
Batteries 1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)


The Kraken V3 headset gives tactile feedback from inside the earcups, converting sound signals into vibrations in real time. The intensity level is regulated by a handy button on the headset. The excellent highs, mids, and lows produced by our revolutionary 3-part driver design don’t muddy, giving listeners a more dynamic listening experience for more immersion. Enjoy realistic acoustics that enhances the sound design of your game with our cutting-edge 7.1 surround sound and hears everything as if you were in the thick of it.

Apply your desired settings, take advantage of the 16.8 million color options, and watch it function flawlessly with more than 150 games and 500 devices from more than 50 partners. You may play video games for hours on end with total, uninterrupted immersion thanks to the excellent sound isolation and comfort offered by the tight, close-fitting earcups. With a mic that has been adjusted to reduce background noise for better voice capture while gaming, you can be heard clearly and loudly.



A. Adjustable padded headband
B. Backlit Razer logo Powered by Razer ChromaTM RGB
C. Hybrid fabric and leatherette memory foam cushions
D. HyperSense button
E. Status indicator
F. Microphone jack
G. Charging port
H. 3.5 mm audio + mic jack
I. Power button
J. Volume control wheel
K. Mic mute button


  • Wireless USB dongle
  • Type-C to Type-A charging cable
  • 3.5 mm combo cable
  • Detachable Razer™ HyperClear Supercardioid Mic
  • Important Product Information Guide


Product requirements

  • [Wireless] USB-A port
  • [Wired] 3.5 mm audio + mic combined jack

Razer Synapse requirements

  • Windows® 10 64-bit (or higher)
  • Internet connection for software installation



Connect the Razer Kraken V3 Pro to a powered USB port using the charging cable. For best results, please fully charge the headset before using it. A depleted headset will fully charge in about 3 hours.



  1. To your PC

    • Plug the wireless USB dongle into any of the USB-A ports on your PC. Razer-Kraken-V3-Pro-HyperSense-Wireless-Gaming-Headset-img-4
    • Press and hold the power button until the status indicator is lit, or until you hear a tone. Razer-Kraken-V3-Pro-HyperSense-Wireless-Gaming-Headset-img-5
    • Wait until the status indicator briefly becomes static green indicating that the headset is now connected to the wireless USB dongle. Razer-Kraken-V3-Pro-HyperSense-Wireless-Gaming-Headset-img-6
    • On your PC, right-click on the sound icon on the system tray, and then select Open Sound settings. Razer-Kraken-V3-Pro-HyperSense-Wireless-Gaming-Headset-img-7
    • Under Sound, set the Razer Kraken V3 Pro as the default Output and Input device. Razer-Kraken-V3-Pro-HyperSense-Wireless-Gaming-Headset-img-8
    • Use the Razer Synapse* app to customize your headset’s lighting and other features for an immersive gaming experience that’s truly yours.
      • Install Razer Synapse when prompted or download the installer from razer.com/synapse.
  2. To other devices via USB-A port

    • Plug the wireless USB dongle into your device and make sure the Razer Kraken V3 Pro is the default input and output audio device. Razer-Kraken-V3-Pro-HyperSense-Wireless-Gaming-Headset-img-9
  3. To devices via 3.5 mm audio + mic jack

    • If your device has a 3.5mm audio + mic combined jack, simply plug the 3.5mm combo cable from your headset’s microphone jack into your device’s audio jack. Razer-Kraken-V3-Pro-HyperSense-Wireless-Gaming-Headset-img-10



Power on or off the headset by holding the Power button until the status indicator is on; and holding the Power button again to turn it off. Two distinct tones will help notify you that the headset is powered on or off.


Other power button functions are available when the headset is powered on and connected to your device. These functions operate based on your device’s current activity.

  • Single press: Play/pause
  • Double press: Skip track
  • Triple press: Previous track


When unplugged and powered on, the status indicator will show the connection and battery status. While in use, you’ll hear a tone when the headset needs to be recharged; during such time, the indicator will continue showing the battery level until you charge the headset.



With Razer HyperSense enabled, your headset will produce vibrations that flow in the direction of different sounds with varying intensities, making you hyper-aware of your game. Simply press the HyperSense button to cycle through Low intensity, Medium intensity, High intensity, and Disable HyperSense. The headset will briefly vibrate and play a distinct tone as you cycle through its settings.



Rotate the volume control wheel to increase or decrease the volume.



Plug the RazerTM HyperClear Supercardioid Mic into the headphone and bend it until it is parallel to your mouth. Make sure the mic diaphragm is in front and the air vent is facing away from your mouth.


Press the mic mute button to mute or unmute the microphone.



It’s recommended to gently stretch the headset before placing it over your head to minimize headband stress however, doesn’t stretch the headset beyond its limits.



Can the Xbox Series S handle this?

Yes. Just plug in the USB dongle, access the Xbox’s settings, and look for the Bluetooth dongle to complete the connection.

I have a second meta-quest. I don’t attach it to a computer (standalone only.) Is there a chance that the second meta-quest will support hypersense?

I’d consult Razer. Well, USB to C functions. I’m not aware of anyone who has attempted USB to 3.5mm. I am aware that the haptics requires 5 volts to function.

Does this function on consoles?

From the Razer website, the Kraken V3 HyperSense headset is compatible with PC, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch.

Do they function on the PS4?

From the Razer website, the Kraken V3 HyperSense headset is compatible with PC, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch.

Will Hypersense run on the PS4?

On the Razer website, the Kraken V3 HyperSense headset is described as compatible with PC, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch.

Dolby Atmos spatial audio mixing is possible with these headphones?

It does, however when using these headphones, I’ve heard great things about THX vs. Atmos. Dolby Atmos does not allow you to calibrate any virtual speakers; however, it does come with THX Spatial Audio. Try THX as well.

How much of the audio does the headphone project into the space?

My previous Kraken was so loud that it could have served as a little speaker. depending on how loud your volume is; for me, 50% is enough loud. the only time I believe people can hear things is during a very noisy game, but other than that, I believe it is loud enough.

Do they also function when wired?

They do function wired. If you plug them in, no electricity will be provided. These sound okay. But I have no idea how to hook them up to a computer. I can use my phone and PlayStation. For wired applications, it would be preferable to utilize the 2019 Krakens, unless I’m missing something.

Would it work if I connected this headset to a USB to 3.5 mm jack?

Yes! You can notice that it also includes a 3.5mm cable if you read the product description that lists everything that is included in the package. so that you may, for instance, connect to a phone or a game console. Well, that is, if your phone has a 2.5mm jack.

The ability to switch off RGB lighting doesn’t appeal to me.

I don’t think they have lights, but you can download the razer synapse app, which is what it wants you to do, and turn off the RGB in chroma-key movies. That said, razer also offers decent headphones without lights.

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