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HyperX Cloud Alpha Wireless – Gaming Headset instructions

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HyperX Cloud Alpha Wireless – Gaming Headset

HyperX-Cloud-Alpha-Wireless-Gaming-Headset-imgHyperX Cloud Alpha Wireless – Gaming Headset


Brand HyperX
Model Name Cloud Alpha Wireless
Color Red
Form Factor Over-Ear
Connectivity Technology RF, USB
Sound DTS X Spatial 3D Audio
Battery Life Up to 300 hrs
Audio Driver 50mm Dual Chamber
Mic Detachable w/ Mute LED
Product Dimensions 7.97 x 6.42 x 3.63 inches
Item Weight 11.4 ounces
Item model number 4P5D4AA
Batteries 1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)


Play for more than a week without the battery running out thanks to a whopping 300* hours of battery life. Enjoy every second in luxury with Cloud Alpha Wireless‘ soft HyperX trademark memory foam and breathable leatherette ear cushions while you complete numerous game campaigns without the need for charging. Due to the twin chamber system’s ability to isolate the bassy lows from the treble-heavy lows, HyperX Dual Chamber Drivers deliver remarkably clear sounds. In conjunction with DTS® Headphone: X® Spatial Audio, which provides accurate sound localization and engrossing surround sound, you can immerse yourself in your preferred virtual worlds or maintain a sharp focus on the opposition. The simple HyperX NGENUITY program allows users to check battery life, adjust the equalization, and access more customization options. * tested with headphones at half-volume. battery power varies depending on the usage.

What’s in the box

  • Wireless Gaming Headset
  • USB Wireless Adapter
  • USB Charge Cable
  • Detachable Mic
  • Pop Filter
  • Quick Start Guide



A Mic mute button
B Power button
C Analog headphone port
D USB charge port
E Microphone port
F Volume wheel
G Detachable microphone
H Wireless adapter
I Wireless status light
J USB charge cable



Setting up with PC

Right-click the speaker icon > Select Open Sound settings > Select Sound control panel


Playback Device

  1. Choose “HyperX Cloud Alpha Wireless” as the default device.
  2. To activate DTS Headphone, adhere to the directions on the DTS instruction card: X


Setting up with PlayStation 5

Go to the home page and select Settings > Sound

Microphone: Input Device: USB Headset “HyperX Cloud Alpha Wireless”


Recording Device

Set the Default Device to “HyperX Cloud Alpha Wireless”


Audio Output:

  • Output Device: HyperX Cloud Alpha Wireless USB Headset
  • All Audio is sent to headphones.
  • indicator of battery capacity
  • To save battery life, the status LED will automatically switch off.

Power button

  • Power on/off: Hold the button down for three seconds to turn the headset on or off.
  • Battery level status: Press the button to hear the audio prompt stating the current battery level

Mic mute/mic monitoring button

  • Toggle the mic mute on/off by pressing the button.
    Microphone mute LED on – muted microphone Microphone mute LED off – active microphone
  • Hold the button down for three seconds to turn the microphone on or off.



  • It is recommended to fully charge your headset before first use.
  • When the charging cable is connected the ear cup LED will indicate the status.

Can a PS4 play 7.1 surround sound using a USB connection?

Let me explain this to you. Only when utilized on a computer can the USB sound card enable virtual 7.1 surround sound. Using the 3.5mm audio connector inserted into the controller, the Cloud II is permitted to work with the PS4 on an official basis. It can be used with a USB sound card, but as the PS4 lacks the necessary drivers, it can only handle pass-through sound. Only the mic mute switch on the side will function when used in this manner, rendering the 7.1, volume, and mic control buttons inoperative.

Are they composed of metal or plastic? I inquire because I frequently damage costly Turtle Beach headphones because they are composed of plastic.

I agree with the evaluation after four months. These are often constructed of imitation leather and metal. After 4 months, the plastic clip that secures the earpiece to the band snaps.

Do batteries that are charged overnight lose their capacity or cease allowing complete charges?

Even with a charging wire attached, HyperX Cloud Flight automatically stops charging when the battery is fully charged. No indication of battery deterioration with the charging wire attached for lengthy periods of time has been found in our internal testing. Not 50 hours, but only 30 hours (with the headset LED lights off) may be achieved by using Cloud Flight on a full charge. Visit the HyperX Gaming website for more details on Cloud Flight: https://www.hyperxgaming.com/us/headsets/cloud-flight-wireless-gaming-headset.

Are the headphones exclusively stereo?

Yes, the Cloud Alpha is stereo, but for the best audio experience, I highly suggest coupling it with the USB Dolby 7.1 Adapter (available at: http://hyperx.gg/cloudaccessories)

Should I get the cloud 2 or these instead?

Purchase the Alpha S for your PC, and the Alpha S for your PS4 if you want to enjoy 7.1 surround sound. The Alpha S or the Cloud 2 are indeed great Xbox One controllers, but you should get a turtle beach instead. You won’t need to bother about purchasing an amp for Xbox as you can use any headset with an Ear Force audio controller, and they will sound excellent. AND provides you the ability to silence your microphone, enable superhuman hearing, disable bass boost, and adjust the level of both party and in-game noises.

Does the “Cloud II” come with the same accessories that were mentioned with the “original” Clouds?

With a few exceptions, the Cloud II comes with almost the same accessories. The 1 meter extension cable is for the single 3.5mm connection because the Cloud II only has one, and there is no Y-cable provided for mobile devices because it is not required. Additionally, the Cloud II has replaceable leatherette and velour ear cushions, just like the original Cloud. Visit the datasheet for the headset here for more information on its comprehensive characteristics: http://www.kingston.com/datasheets/KHX-HSCP_us.pdf

I understand that the headset can only be used as headphones when using a 3.5 mm connection and that the microphone won’t function.

Only when the HyperX Cloud Flight headset is coupled with the USB wireless adapter in wireless operation are the microphone and volume controls usable. Adjusting the volume of a microphone or headset while utilizing a 3.5mm connection in a wired arrangement is not possible.

The USB headset adaptor supports sidetone, right? In other words, can you hear yourself speaking into the microphone while wearing headphones?

You may choose to “listen to” the microphone in the audio settings while you’re connected to a computer or enable mic monitoring to hear yourself through the headset mic. This would not be available on other devices, such as game consoles, cell phones, or tablets, because they lack sophisticated audio features.

Does the Xbox One support this headrest?

Sorry, Kingston is mistaken about the Flights being compatible with the Xbox One. Use the 3.5mm connection that is included to connect to your controller or headset adaptor. However, you give up control over the volume wheel and chat functions. Alternatively, you may do what I did and use full chat on your Xbox One. I connected the V-Moda Boompro microphone to the 3.5mm port and utilized it. Now that I have a crystal clear conversation, I can utilize my Xbox One’s Flights to its full potential. Additionally, the headset is substantially louder when connected wirelessly.

A 3,5mm connector is not available on my PC. Is a 3.5mm audio jack required in addition to a USB connection for this to work with a PC?

Yes, all that is required to connect the headset to the PC is the USB connector. The headset is connected to the USB dongle using a 3.5mm connector, and the dongle is connected to the PC via USB. When connected to the PC, this enables you to use the integrated sound card and 7.1 surround. The headset’s 3.5mm port is primarily intended for usage with mobile devices and the PS4. I switched from the Turtle Beach x12 headset, which required both an audio/mic jack and a USB port. But with the HyperX Could II, you only need the USB port.

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