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Audeze Penrose Wireless Gaming Headset instructions

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Audeze Penrose Wireless Gaming Headset

Audeze-Penrose-Wireless-Gaming-Headset-imgAudeze Penrose Wireless Gaming Headset


Brand Audeze
Series Language _ tag
Color Black
Form Factor Over-Ear
Connectivity Technology Wireless
Item model number ‎205-PS-1121-01
Hardware Platform ‎PC, Gaming Console
Item Weight ‎4 ounces
Product Dimensions ‎11.7 x 9.9 x 4.8 inches
Item Dimensions LxWxH ‎11.7 x 9.9 x 4.8 inches
Batteries ‎1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)


The brand-new Penrose wireless headphones from Audeze have Bluetooth 5.0 and low-latency 2.4 GHz technology. But more crucially, you can utilize both wireless communication protocols at once with our Penrose headgear! This implies that you may communicate with your other pals on your phone while using low-latency wifi to participate in in-game chat, Twitch, Discord, etc. The Penrose also has the same drivers as our famed Mobius headset, which has garnered excellent reviews and several “Top Headphone” accolades.

Getting Started

  • Plug in the microphone by inserting it into the Mic Port and aligning the flat sides. Press firmly to fully insert.
  • Slide the Mic Mute Switch on Penrose’s left earcup to the UP position to unmute.
  • Adjust the headband size by sliding in/out above the Audeze A logo.
  • Power on Penrose by pressing the Power Button for about 3 seconds. 1 one-thousand, 2 one-thousand, 3 one-thousand…
  • Connect to your source device using 2.4GHz Wireless, AUX, or Bluetooth (BT). See below for instructions on each connection method.
  • Adjust Headphone Volume and Microphone Volume by turning the corresponding adjustment wheels on the left earcup. Not too loud, now, don’t hurt yourself.
  • To fully charge Penrose’s battery, connect a USB-C cable between the port on the headphones and a 5V/1A charger.
  • Further customize your Penrose experience with the Audeze HQ app for Windows, Mac, and Android, available at www.audeze.com/AudezeHQ
  • Have fun storming the castle!

Charging, Adjusting Volume, and Powering On/Off

There should be a sufficient charge in the battery to get you started, but if you find Penrose starting to misbehave, please pause to plug into an approved power source. We suggest a USB charger of 5V/1A, like the one you might use for your mobile communication device. In a pinch, you can use most computer USB ports (results may vary).

Penrose should charge automatically once connected to a power source: the LED on the left earcup will flash slowly while charging, then stop flashing at full charge. Charging with a 1A charger should take about 3 hours with power off, from 0% to 100%. Speaking of full charge, the battery inside Penrose should last about 15 hours before running out of juice. At that point, you should probably take a break, too. You can charge and play at the same time, so don’t fret, just plug in and carry on!

When battery power starts getting low, Penrose will flash its yellow LED. The LED will flash slowly from about 20% to 10% charge, then the flashing will speed up below about 10%. There will also be a voice cue when the charge level gets low, so listen for the voice in your head saying “low battery”, and plug-in accordingly. You may choose to ignore the other voices in your head, at your discretion.

Headphone volume adjustment is done by spinning the Headphone Volume Control wheel on the left earcup. Software-based volume controls such as those in Windows or Mac OS will have no effect when connected over the 2.4gHz wireless adapter since the computer has no direct connection to the headphones and only sees the dongle. Volume adjustments can be made via the source device and/or Penrose when connected over Bluetooth or AUX.

Powering Penrose on is a simple affair: just hold the Power Button on the left earcup for about three seconds. You’ll hear the friendly voice say “power on.” To turn Penrose off, hold the same button for about five seconds (bet you can guess the voice prompt for this action).

Penrose has a power saving feature and will power down automatically if left turned on without a signal for several minutes. This is handy so you don’t accidentally burn down your blanket fort if you forget to turn Penrose off. If Penrose powers off automatically, just turn it back on and you’re all set for battle again.

How To connect using 2.4gHz Wireless

  • The Penrose X USB adapter has a two-position slider switch on one side. Slide the switch to the XBOX position for Xbox use, and to the PC position for other sources. (The PS version of Penrose does not have this switch.)
  • Insert the included USB-A dongle fully into the proper port of your console or PC. For best results, we recommend a direct connection to the USB port closest to the motherboard, and we do not recommend the use of any USB hubs.
  • Turn Penrose on by pressing the Power Button for about three seconds.
  • Penrose should connect automatically. If Penrose is in Aux or BT mode, click the Multi-Function Button until you hear the voice say “Wireless.” Wireless is the default mode for Penrose, so you should not need to do this unless the source has been switched.
  • The friendly voice in Penrose should say “connected” once the connection is made. Your source device may need a few seconds to get Penrose ready. Once that’s done, you can blast off and beat the record on the Kessel Run!

How To connect using Bluetooth

  • Turn Penrose on by pressing the Power Button for about three seconds.
  • Click the Multi-Function Button until you hear the voice say “Bluetooth.”
  • Open the Bluetooth Settings on your source device, and ask it politely to look for new devices if needed. Check your device’s user guide for details (bet it’s not as fun as ours, though).
  • Double Click Penrose’s Power Button to put it in pairing mode.
  • Select Penrose on your source device.
  • Volume adjustments can be made via the source device and/or Penrose’s Volume Control wheel.
  • Mic volume is adjusted by spinning the Mic Volume Control wheel.
  • Now you can whisper your Rebel Secrets under the cover of darkness.

How To connect using AUX/Analog

  • Turn Penrose on by pressing the Power Button for about three seconds.
  • Connect the included 3.5mm analog cable between your source device and Penrose’s AUX Port. Watch out for the Mic Port– they look similar but aren’t the same! If required, click the MultiFunction Button until you hear the voice say “AUX.”
  • Adjust the volume using the controls on BOTH your source device and the Headphone Volume Control wheel on Penrose’s left earcup. Find the balance between the two that sound best to your ears, and see the following paragraphs for some mildly scolding warnings.
  • Use your source device to control mic gain (the Mic wheel will have no effect).
  • Lock, Load, and Launch the mission!

Audeze HQ App for Penrose

Take full command of your Penrose with the Audeze HQ app. HQ adds functionality such as customizable EQ, sidetone control, firmware updates, and more. Visit this link to download the HQ app: www.audeze.com/AudezeHQ

For Windows or Mac PC:

  • Download and install as directed here.
  • Connect the included USB-A to C cable (or use your own, most any USB-C cable will do, as long as it can transmit data). Adjust settings as desired. Your settings will be saved when you unplug the cable.

For Android:

  • Download and install as directed here.
  • Connect Penrose via Bluetooth (see BT section above).
  • Adjust settings as desired. Your settings will be saved when you disconnect.
  • Support, Care, and Feed your Penrose
  • To clean Penrose, simply wipe it down regularly with a clean, soft towel. You can use a little clean water if needed, but don’t use any harsh chemical cleaners, abrasives, C-4, TNT, or other dangerous substances. (Explosions and chemical meltdowns are not covered by warranty.)
  • Be sure to keep Penrose out of direct sunlight and away from heat sources, and never submerge in water or feed it after midnight!

Is there surround sound with this product?

I can promise you that it doesn’t and that it doesn’t require it. This audio is of higher quality than what you would hear from a surround sound headset.

Can you use it wired?

The 3.5mm to 3.5mm cable included with the headphones may be used to connect the Audeze Penrose to a wired device. 42 years old and a proud authorized Audeze dealer, World Wide Stereo.

Can you use it to answer calls on both a 3.5 mm and a Bluetooth phone at the same time?

The ability to answer calls at any time, including while playing video games, is provided through Bluetooth.

Where is the product produced?

California, USA, is where Audeze headphones are made. 43 years old and a proud authorized Audeze dealer, World Wide Stereo.

Is it possible to get an Xbox dongle for a blue Xbox that will also function with that system?

No, you cannot. However, if you were going to try it, you would be better off purchasing the Xbox version as it is compatible with all PS and Xbox models up to and including the PS5 and XSX and lacks the chat game mix in the blue version.

Although it lacks 3D audio, unlike the Mobius, it is still superior to the PS5 headset.

Sony is offering 3D audio. 3D sound is available with all PS5-compatible headphones. Future sound bars and speakers.

Does playing a game on the PS5 while connected to Discord on an iPhone cause the game sound to be muted?

While many sources are connected, the Wireless/Bluetooth mix may be adjusted by “clicking and scrolling” the headphone volume wheel up or down. Bluetooth’s volume is somewhat louder by default, but you may change it at any time to suit your preferences.

I’ve heard that using the aux chord with the drivers causes the loudness to be intolerably low. A headphone amplifier, would it help?

That would be accurate if you were referring to plugging headphones into the PlayStation controller headphone jack. For whatever reason, Sony made the headphone jack far less powerful than you might anticipate. Consequently, virtually any headphones attached to this jack would have less volume.

Are Audeze Perose X models superior to PS5 models?

No, the headphones are the same; the only difference is that the USB dongle on the Xbox version may be switched from PC to Xbox, but it cannot be switched on the PlayStation version but can still be used on PC.

Why did these headphones break? Are they damaged in any way? Are all components functional? The headphones have been tested, right?

I must admit that I bought these blue headphones for the PlayStation months ago, and they are without a doubt the nicest headphones I have ever bought. I have tried corsair, turtle beach, and Astros, and nothing, and I mean nothing, is better! Costly but absolutely worth it, and no damage has occurred since.

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