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Apple ‎MHJA3AM 20W USB-C Power Adapter

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Apple ‎MHJA3AM 20W USB-C Power Adapter



With the Apple 20W USB-C Power Adapter, you can charge your devices quickly and effectively at home, work, or on the move. Fast charging is possible when using an iPhone 8 or later; the battery will reach 50% in around 35 minutes. ¹ Or use it in conjunction with the iPad Pro and iPad Air for the best charging results. every device with USB-C support is compatible.

MHJA3AM 20W USB-C Power Adapter by Apple

Using the charging cable that comes with the iPhone and a compatible power adapter, you can plug the iPhone into a power outlet (sold separately). The following Apple USB power adapters can be used to charge an iPhone. Depending on the country or location, the size and style may change. With the Apple MHJA3AM 20W USB-C Power Adapter, you can effectively and rapidly charge your devices at home, at work, or while you’re on the go. When using an iPhone 8 or later, fast charging is available; the battery will reach 50% in around 35 minutes. For optimum charging performance, combine it with the iPad Pro and iPad Air. Any device that supports USB-C is compatible.


The Apple MHJA3AM 20W USB power adapter or a similar power supply with a minimum power output of 20 watts is required for fast charging on the iPhone 12, iPhone SE (3rd generation), and later devices.

What’s in the Box?

20W USB-C power adapter from Apple



  • Brand: Apple
  • Connectivity Technology: USB-C
  • Connector Type: USB Type C
  • Compatible devices: Apple iPhone
  • Included Components: Apple 20W USB-C Power Adapter – iPhone Charger with Fast Charging Capability, Type C Wall Charger
  • Special Feature: Lightweight Design, Travel, Universal, Fast Charging
  • Color: White
  • Input Voltage: 15 Volts
  • Total USB: Ports 1
  • Compatible Phone: Models iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro Max, iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone 11, iPhone SE (2nd generation), iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus

Warranty and Support

The Apple MHJA3AM adapter is of good quality and uses only 20W. If you’d like a copy of the manufacturer’s warranty for a product found on Amazon.com, you can contact the manufacturer directly or visit their website for more information. Manufacturer’s warranties may not apply in all cases, depending on factors like the use of the product, where the product was purchased, or who you purchased the product from. Please review the warranty carefully, and contact the manufacturer if you have any questions.

Costumers Reviews

J.Lee the United States

Exceptional Apple high-quality Apple original product. comes packaged and appears to be well-made. Since my iPhone is expensive, I believe it is worthwhile to spend a little more money on a premium Apple charger to use with it in order to prevent any potential harm when charging the battery. Instead of hauling one charger everywhere, I decided to acquire an extra charger to store at each of the two locations where I frequently use my phone. Since Apple didn’t make a lengthy cord, I did purchase a longer 10 ft cable from a different brand, and that also seemed to function fine.

Richard the United States

ORIGINAL PRODUCTION Always buys when they announce purchased and sent by AMAZON It’s a great investment—the days of 5W are long gone, and this quick load will be your daily life saver.

Springing Jack the United States

Excellent product that quickly recharges my iPhone! I wish Apple would sell us this item for the same price as iPhones, but since they don’t, I found the best deal on Amazon, and it charges all of my Apple devices incredibly quickly. I wholeheartedly endorse it; you won’t be sorry!

Jones Nick the United States

Access power block These are my go-to power bricks as Apple gradually switches to USB-C. This is the preferred power block, regardless of whether the device at the other end is lightning or USB-C.

Richard Dammkoehler the United States

Apple, how could it possibly be wrong? These are excellent. I have around 4-5 of these. I’m not sure why they don’t arrive in the same box as the phone. They are a bit pricey, but I believe the peace of mind that comes with knowing they won’t harm my phone, watch, or iPad justifies the cost. They’ve always operated without any problems for me. They are conveniently pocketable. I’ve also used them with non-Apple products without any problems. In the future, I’ll purchase more.


Can I use the Apple ‎MHJA3AM 20W USB-C Power Adapter with the iPhone 11 or do I need the 18w charger?
Sure, that would work. I have an iPhone 11 and an 18-watt brick, and it charges really quickly when used with a USB-c to lighting connection. However, I’m considering acquiring the 20-watt brick for an even faster charge.

Does the Apple ‎MHJA3AM box come with it?
Yes. It is genuine and is packaged like an apple would be. The box won’t open unless a tab is pulled.

Is the Apple ‎MHJA3AM 20W USB-C Power Adapter compatible with the iPhone 12 Pro? This one is less expensive than the 18W one I saw for $29.99.
Yes, this is compatible with the iPhone 12 and will function wonderfully with it. Just make sure you have the right cord to connect this to your iPhone.

Does this Apple ‎MHJA3AM function on the iPhone XR?
It will indeed work. However, it does not accept the conventional USB-A cable that your XR most likely came with; you must use a USB-C to lighting cable.

These function on the iPhone 8 Plus.
Yes, provided you have a USB-C to Lightning cable, it will function just fine.

No one is available?
This is a popular article, therefore it might take some time to receive it.

work with the 2023 iPhone SE?
It is compatible with a second-generation iPhone SE, according to the Apple store.

Will a 2020 MacBook Pro 16″ be charged by this?
In a technical sense, yes, but very slowly. You’ll need a wall brick with a greater wattage; check the wattage that came with your MacBook and get that one instead.

Is overcharging avoided by the Apple ‎MHJA3AM 20W USB-C Power Adapter charger?
Even if the adaptor is connected, the battery will cease charging once it is fully charged.

Does the Apple Watch 7 Series require this?
As long as it takes the USB-C end of your charging wire, this 20W adapter should function with your charger. Based on your charge setup, kindly conduct some additional investigation.

Does this  Apple ‎MHJA3AM 20W USB-C Power Adapter support iPhone 8 Plus and iPad Air?
Any device having a USB-C plug can use it.

Does this Apple ‎MHJA3AM support iPhone 8 Plus and iPad Air?
Any device having a USB-C plug can use it.

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