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Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Gen Smart Speaker

88 / 100


Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Gen Smart Speaker



What’s Included?

  • Echo Dot 3rd Gen Smart Speaker
  • Manual


Size: 3.9” x 3.9” x 1.7” (99 mm x 99 mm x 43 mm)

Weight: 10.6 oz. (300 grams) Actual size and weight may vary by the manufacturing process

Wi-Fi connectivity: Dual-band Wi-Fi supports 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac (2.4 and 5 GHz) networks. Does not support connecting to ad-hoc (or peer-to-peer) Wi-Fi networks.

Bluetooth connectivity

Support for the Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP) allows you to stream music from your smartphone or tablet to the Echo Dot or any Bluetooth speaker.  Voice control of mobile devices that are connected using the Audio/Video Remote Control Profile (AVRCP).  For Mac OS devices, hands-free voice control is not supported.  PIN-code-required Bluetooth speakers are not supported.  Supports Matter controller, WiFi, and Bluetooth Low Energy Mesh (Alexa app setup required).  (Apple iOS soon)

Until at least four years after the device is no longer offered for purchase on our websites as brand new item, this device is assured to receive software security upgrades.  Learn more about these upgrades to the software’s security. For information related to your Amazon Echo, if you already have one, go to Manage Your Content and Devices.

Easy to Assemble and Use



  • Connect the Echo Dot.
  • Utilize the Alexa app to connect to the internet.
  • Ask Alexa about music, the weather, the news, and other topics.


Play current hits, Alexa

  • Through services like Amazon Music, Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora, and others, use your voice to play song, an artist, or genre. 
  • You may play music throughout your entire house by placing compatible Echo devices in various locations. 
  • In order to voice-control TV shows and movies, you may also listen to Audible, podcasts, and radio stations, or pair your device with Fire TV

Alexa is willing to assist

  • Make your home life simpler. 
  • Create calendar events and reminders, add items to lists, and set timers all using your voice. 
  • Also available are news, weather, and traffic updates. 
  • Inquire about information, movie times, restaurant hours, or sports results (Alexa set a pasta timer for 13 minutes).

More of your house using voice commands


  • Use your voice to control compatible smart home gadgets.
  • Turn on the lamp before getting out of bed, lower the lights while watching a movie on the couch, or raise the thermostat before leaving
  • Find out more about the many connections your smart home device can make.

Sync up with your family

  • With Drop In and Announcements, you can use your Alexa devices as an intercom to speak to any room in the house.
  • Declare that dinner is ready or tell the children that it is time for bed.
  • To stay in touch with family, you can also place hands-free calls to friends and relatives in the US, Canada, Mexico, and the UK who own an Echo device or the Alexa app (Alexa call Emma).

Alexa for family and children

  • Kids can study and develop with Alexa’s assistance while also having fun.
  • And with free parental controls from Amazon Kids, Alexa will automatically respond in a way that is appropriate for children, filter songs that are explicit, and disable purchasing.
  • We value the privacy of children.
  • Learn how to use Alexa with children, watch practical how-to videos, get common questions answered, and more.

Have you ever used Amazon Kids+?

  • Start your free trial of one month here.
  • For just $4.99 per month, Amazon Kids+ is a comprehensive subscription that grants access to hundreds of hours of kid-friendly movies, interactive games, educational tools, and Audible books.

Created to safeguard your privacy


  • Devices with Alexa and Echo have multiple layers of privacy protection.
  • For instance, the Echo Dot features a button for turning off microphones, which turns them off electronically.
  • Your voice recordings are likewise subject to your control.
  • You always have the option to view, hear, or delete them, and study more.

Alexa is capable
Alexa has tens of thousands of skills and is continually learning new ones, like playing games and keeping track of your fitness.


I was a little overwhelmed by all of the features and capabilities because I’m new to smart speakers, but the Echo Dot has been really user-friendly and simple to set up.  In a matter of minutes, I was able to get it up and running thanks to the simple setup procedure. The adaptability of the Echo Dot’s voice assistant, Alexa, is one of the features I value most.

She has a wide range of abilities, including the capacity to play music, set alarms, answer inquiries and provide information. It’s been helpful to be able to ask her for things without fumbling with my phone or computer because I’ve found her to be quite prompt and accurate.

I like making use of some of the choices. like turning the light on and off before going to bed. Change the color to red at night to aid in falling asleep. My favorite fixture choice in the daytime throughout the winter is soft white. Reading books and listening to radio stations with the excellent sound quality for such a small device. When deliveries are made, the notice color is useful so that packages don’t sit on the porch for too long. There are a variety of possibilities to consider.

J. Fieser
I currently have six Echo Dots and have discovered that the third-generation device still has a number of benefits over the more recent fourth and fifth generations.  Its small size, which makes it simple to place on windowsills like the one in my kitchen, is one of its key advantages.  Additionally, the fifth-generation model did away with the external speaker jack found on the third-generation model.

The sound is amazing.  I’m blown away by the bass.  The quality of the bass emanating from this youngster absolutely astounded me!  Since I haven’t yet learned everything this gadget is capable of, I’m genuinely amazed.  These make wonderful Christmas or birthday or anniversary presents!  One of these is a need for every household.  The setup procedure was incredibly simple!  I advise reading the manual’s instructions, which will direct you to download the Alexa app (GOOGLE & APPLE STORE friendly)  The app makes it incredibly quick and easy for you to install and pair your Echo with your devices by guiding you step-by-step.


Has the Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Gen Smart Speaker game d3 battery base been used by anyone?

  • I then D3 battery base I have.  I carry my Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Gen Smart Speaker with me when I go to the gym.
  • Echo Dot functions as a wireless speaker thanks to the GGMM D3 portable battery.  I adore it!
  • I discover that it also has a D3+ version that has been improved and has a bigger battery.  On a prime day, I think of purchasing it.

Does having Alexa-compatible light bulbs make it necessary to use the dot to turn on and off the lights in the bedroom?
It would be necessary for you to have Alexa-compatible smart wall switches, smart plugs, or smart lighting.

Does having Alexa-compatible light bulbs make it necessary to use the dot to turn on and off the lights in the bedroom?
It would be necessary for you to have Alexa-compatible smart wall switches, smart plugs, or smart lighting.

Can I Have Two Echos On Separate Systems of Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Gen Smart Speaker In My Home?
Yes, there are two echos in my home on different systems.

Can I ask Alexa to play music for someone in a different room via an Alexa app?
Yes. When I leave the bedroom and no longer require the echo there, I tell it to play my rock playlist in the kitchen.  Or, if I’m cleaning the home, I can tell all six dots to start playing songs from my rock playlist.  This enables me to hear music across the entire house.

How can I connect my ADT security to Alexa Echo?
Follow Alexa’s instructions after asking her to add ADT to her list of skills.

Will the Alexa-controlled Deebot vacuum connect?
Yes. The Deebot vacuum should function with any Alexa-enabled device.

Does the Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Gen Smart Speaker device have a charger?
The connector doesn’t require a charger; the Echo Dot does.

Can I program Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Gen Smart Speaker music to start playing at a specific time?
Yes, you can… the Echo has a nice function… you can also set a time for it to turn off. It’s better to subscribe to a music service like Amazon Music so you can choose from a wide variety of songs; otherwise, your selection might not be able to be played. We use SiriusXM for radio station-style play, but Amazon Prime Music allows us to choose a song instantly whenever we’re in the mood.

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