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Rabbit Air A3 SPA-1000N Ultra Quiet HEPA Air Purifier complete review

85 / 100

Rabbit Air A3 SPA-1000N Ultra Quiet HEPA Air Purifier



Color Standard Black
Brand Rabbit Air
Product Dimensions 8.4″D x 18.9″W x 19.7″H
Power Source AC
Item Weight 20.3 Pounds
Coverage Area (2 air changes per hour) 1,070 sq. ft.
Power Consumption 5 to 60 watts
Noise Level 20.3 to 51.0 dBA
Filtration 6 Stages with BioGS HEPA Filter
Wall Mountable Right side up and upside down
Mood Light Programmable
Filter Life (Typical) 12 months
Item model number SPA-1000N


The A3 handles everything so you can unwind. It has a 6-stage filtration and deodorization system and a BioGS HEPA filter, which uses a cutting-edge and exclusive fiber material to target the tiniest and dirtiest particles. VOCs and smells are reduced with an activated carbon filter, and a bespoke filter option enables you to adjust the system to your particular environmental requirements. Wherever and whenever you need it, the A3 is ready to go to work. You may place it high up on a wall or keep it nearby on the floor near your workstation or bed, out of the reach of children and dogs.

In order to purify as swiftly and silently as possible, the A3 is designed. It is virtually entirely quiet while moving at its slowest speed. While the air purifier works hard to keep the air pure day and night, you may get a restorative night’s sleep. Less than 50 cents a day! The A3 is less expensive to operate than the majority of its comparable air purifiers on the market. This machine’s energy-efficient design allows it to operate for the whole day with little expense. And it includes our 5-year, round-the-clock assistance. The Rabbit Air family’s most potent air purifier, this device filters 8,560 cubic feet of air in 30 minutes while covering an area of up to 1,070 square feet.




  • Use just as the Owner’s Manual instructs.
  • When utilizing the air purifier close to youngsters, utmost care must be used.
  • Only indoor usage is permitted with Rabbit Air purifiers.
  • The use of Rabbit Air purifiers in bathrooms, laundry rooms, or other moist interior conditions is not recommended. Always keep Rabbit Air purifiers away from water.
  • Use caution while using Rabbit Air purifiers next to fires or in locations where there may be flammable or combustible materials or fumes.
  • This device is not meant to be used by people (including kids) who have impaired physical, sensory, or mental skills or who lack experience and knowledge unless those people have received supervision or training from a person who is responsible for their safety.
  • To prevent them from playing with the device, children should be watched closely.


  • Only a 120 V outlet is intended for usage with Rabbit Air purifiers.
  • Before disconnecting your Rabbit Air purifier from the socket, turn it off.
  • When not in use and before doing any maintenance or cleaning, unplug the Rabbit Air purifier from the electrical socket.
  • The purifier features a polarised connector, which means it will only fit into a polarised outlet one way, reducing the chance of electric shock. Reverse the plug if it won’t fit into the outlet. If it still doesn’t fit, get in touch with professionals who are competent to install the right outlet. Never modify the plug in any way.
  • Avoid touching the air purifier’s power plug or the device with damp hands to prevent electric shock.
  • Always keep the electrical cord away from anything that is hot.
  • Return the device right away to a licensed service facility for inspection and repair if the cable or plug looks to be broken.
  • Use only the special Rabbit Air power cord that was sent with your air purifier.
  • Prior to plugging the power wire into an outlet, always connect it to the air purifier first and check that it is fully inserted.
  • Without Rabbit Air’s express consent, any efforts to repair a purifier may nullify the manufacturer’s warranty and risk seriously harming the user or seriously damaging the device.
  • Pulling the power cable on the Rabbit Air purifier will cause it to be lifted, carried, or dragged.
  • Grab the power plug and pull it out of the outlet gently.


  • Keep the Rabbit Air purifier away from areas where dirt might collect in the air intake or air exit.
  • Give the air purifier’s intake and exit at least two feet of space.


  • Avoid obstructing the air inlet or outflow.
  • Avoid using an air purifier near or on heated surfaces.
  • Use caution while using the air purifier in a space where steam could be present.
  • Use the air purifier upright only.
  • Operating an air purifier in a greasy or wet environment is not advised.
  • Do not clean your air purifier with soap or detergent.
  • Without filters, do not use the Rabbit Air purifier. With the exception of the washable Pre-Filter, do not wash and reuse the filters.
  • When the front panel is removed, the childproof function interrupts the air purifier’s operation.



  1. Customized Filter Depending on the demands of your family, specialized filters can catch and minimize various kinds of germs, chemicals, scents, and allergies. Toxin Absorber, Germ Defense, Odor Remover, and Pet Allergy are your options. Once a year, this filter should be changed.
  2. BioGS HEPA Filter In order to ensure optimal performance and extend filter life, this precision filter minimizes common allergens and germs caught on the filter. It also catches particles as small as 0.3 microns with 99.97% efficiency. Once a year, this filter should be changed.
  3. Activated Carbon Filter Granular activated carbon of the highest quality captures and lessens pollutants and typical home scents in the air. Once a year, this filter should be changed.
  4. Medium Filter Pollen, mildew, and pet dander are examples of airborne particles bigger than 1 micron in size that is captured and reduced by the medium filter. Once a year, this filter should be changed.
  5. Pre-Filter Large-sized allergens, dust, and particles are efficiently reduced and trapped by the pre-filter. It is not necessary to change this washable filter. Every three months, clean this filter.


Tap and Hold: Starts Bluetooth or 2.4 GHz wireless pairing to connect an air purifier to a mobile device. On your mobile device, download the Rabbit Air App from the Google Play Store (Android) or App Store (iOS) and follow the setup instructions.


  1. Install the Rabbit Air app on your tablet or smartphone.
  2. Create a new account or sign in with your current customer login.
  3. Choose “Setup new purifier” or “Find existing purifier,” then adhere to the on-screen instructions.



  1. To clean the air purifier’s outside surfaces, use a fresh, dry towel. How frequently you should clean the unit surface will depend on the room’s air quality.
  2. Use a gentle brush to clean the air intake and output.
  3. The Front Panel should be taken from the device and dusted with a gentle brush or a dry towel.
  4. To clean the particle sensor, which is situated on the right side of the device, use a dry cloth or soft brush.


Before cleaning or replacing the filters, always turn off the appliance. The filters’ lifetime may differ depending on your interior climate. When it needs cleaning or maintenance, the filter light will become red; when it needs to be changed, the red light will blink. To reset the filter indication, plug the device back in.


Opening 4000sf bar/lounge, was going 4 smoke eaters ($2500=$10K) in the ceiling, can 8-9 of this work? How’s it done commercially?

Our best air purifiers for smokers are the MinusA2 models (SPA-700A and SPA-780A/N) and the A3.
Both air purifiers have six stages of purification and can be customized to target strong odors like Cigars. With the addition of an odor remover customized filter, the MinusA2 and the A3 is very effective against cigar smoke and odors.

Why do you need a separate filter for each type of pollutant?

You hand a choice of 4, toxin, allergy, pet, and odor.

I notice you can select “germs” and “odor,” for this product. what’s the difference between them? if I choose germ, will it also eliminate odors?

The customized filter is merely a bonus filter. You’ll still get the protection you need against all types of pollutants regardless of which customized filter you end up choosing.

How long will the best carbon filter continue to remove all pet odors?

The filter should last 2 years at 12 hours a day or 1 year at 24/7 you just have to clean the pre-filter when the filter light comes on it works out to 4 times per filter..

How does this compare to the older A2?

The A3 has more than 250 extra square feet of coverage than the MinusA2 780A/N as well as the highest CADR of any Rabbit Air purifier. For example, based on the smoke CADR, the cleaning power is 55% higher than the SPA-700A and 43% higher than the SPA-780A/N.

Recommended height placement is no higher than 5ft. 5ft from floor to bottom or top of the device?

As most American ceiling heights are 8 ft we do not recommend mounting much higher than 5 ft from the bottom of the unit to the ground. The vent on top of the A3 requires roughly 2 ft of space to optimize purification so it should not be too close to the ceiling. It is great if the unit’s front panel is around eye level when mounting, which for most people is in the 5 – 6 ft area.

Can WiFi be turned off?

It can run without WiFi and so it should be able to be turned off as well, by changing the setup. The machine has indicator LED lights to tell you your connection status: “WiFi and Bluetooth”, “WiFi”, “Bluetooth”.

Do you have the A3 in white?

Unfortunately, we do not have the A3 in White.

How long (days/weeks/months) will the best carbon filter continue to remove all pet odors like it was new? 300sqft room

It will depend on how heavy the odor is. Mine will address the pet order AND pipe smoke for 6 mos. Without the pipe smoke probably 12 months.

Which model is best to smoke cigars at home? 200 sqft area

Our best air purifiers for cigar smokers are the A3 and MinusA2 models (SPA-700A and SPA-780A/N). The A3 and MinusA2 air purifiers have six stages of purification and can be customized to target strong odors like Cigar smoke. With the addition of an odor remover customized filter, the MinusA2 and A3 deodorization efficiency is the best among all our models.

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