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Honeywell HPA300 HEPA Air Purifier instructions

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Honeywell HPA300 HEPA Air Purifier



Color Black
Brand Honeywell
Product Dimensions 20″D x 22.8″W x 10.8″H
Power Source Corded Electric
Item Weight 17 Pounds
Control Method Touch
Filter Type HEPA
Floor Area 310 Square Feet
Noise Level 60 dB
Particle Retention Size 0.3 Micron
Controller Type Button Control
Item model number HPA300


Pollen, pet dander, trash, and smoke may all be captured by this Honeywell HPA300 HEPA Air Purifier‘s Certified Honeywell HEPA Filter, which can assist collect up to 99.97% of these minute airborne particles. Recommended for extra-large rooms up to 465 square feet. Up to 4.8 times every hour, this Honeywell air purifier can filter and circulate air. Air purifiers assist give a cleaner, fresher air whether you have pets or stale indoor air. The Allergen Plus series includes this Honeywell HEPA air purifier. The U.S. EPA’s stringent energy efficiency standards were met by this product in order to earn it the ENERGY STAR certification.

Always buy genuine Honeywell replacement filters for your air purifier. They are qualified to assist in the collection of smells as well as the microscopic airborne particles listed below: smoke, pollen, pet dander, and debris. It cannot be assured that other comparable filter replacements will perform or operate as effectively. Easy-to-use touch controls, a filter change indication and reset, a 2, 4, or 8-hour automatic shut-off timer, and a control panel dimmer are all features of the quiet air purifier. Honeywell HPA300 HEPA Air Purifier includes a five-year warranty. 0.3 microns and bigger from the air that is passed through the filter.


The True HEPA Filters and Odor Reducing Pre-filter are supplied within the air purifier. New air purifiers have their filters wrapped to ensure purity and are labeled to help identify the proper replacement filter. (Type R True HEPA Filter; Type A Odor Reducing Pre-filter)

  • Before using your new air purifier you must remove the wrappers covering the filters and pre-filter. Make sure the air purifier is OFF and unplugged. Press the two hand symbols on the front grille to release it from the unit and pull the grille toward you to remove it (see Fig. 2). Grasp the sides of the filter frame near its top end and pull outward. Repeat for the second and third filters if applicable.
  • Remove protective wrap from the filters (including the pre-filter) that have been supplied with your air purifier.
  • Place the HEPA filter(s) into the air purifier housing. Ensure that the removal “pull” tabs are facing outward (this will facilitate filter removal later). Place the pre-filter on top of the HEPA filter(s). Tuck the edges of the pre-filter into the tabs that are located around the edges of where the HEPA filter(s) are inserted.
    Model HPA300 has velcro strips on the housing where the pre-filter should be attached.
  • Replace the front grille by placing the tabs on the bottom of the grille into the slot(s) on the unit. Gently push the top of the grille into place by pressing on the hand symbols to secure it in place.


  • Once the filters have been unwrapped and replaced in the unit, plug the power cord into a working electrical outlet.
  • Select the desired cleaning level by simply TAPPING the power symbol to toggle through the cleaning levels. A blue LED light will illuminate the selected setting: Germ, General Clean, or Allergen. levels. A blue LED light will illuminate the selected setting: Germ, General Clean, or Allergen.
    • TAP POWER for on/off & cleaning level selection.
    • ALLERGEN optimizes allergen-capturing performance during allergen season.
    • GENERAL CLEAN for general, everyday air cleaning.
    • GERM optimizes germ-capturing performance. Use during cold & flu season.
    • TAP TURBO for power cleaning or fast odor reduction.
  • The Turbo setting operates the unit at the highest speed. This setting will maximize the unit’s ability to help reduce odors and will help clean the air quickly. To select the Turbo setting the unit must already be running at one of the 3 cleaning settings, TAP the Turbo icon. The Turbo LED will illuminate. TAPPING the Turbo icon again will return the air purifier to the previous cleaning setting. To shut it OFF, tap the Power symbol until the air purifier shuts off.


These air purifier models each have two electronic filter checks to remind you when to check and replace the True-HEPA filters and the Odor Reducing Pre-filters based on the air purifier’s hours of use.

When the True HEPA filter(s) and/or the Pre-Filter need to be replaced, the “Check Filter” or “Check Pre-filter” light will illuminate (Fig. 7).

You should periodically check these filters. Depending on operating conditions, the True-HEPA filters should be replaced every 12 months, and the Odor Reducing Pre-filters every 3 months, especially if there have been heavy odors and particles in the home.

To RESET Either Electronic Filter Check:

After you have replaced the appropriate filter(s) the “Check Filter or “Check Pre-filter” light will remain on until it is reset. With the unit powered on, press the lighted button and hold for approximately 2 seconds until the light turns off. The electronic filter check is now reset. Depending on individual usage (environment and hours used), you may need to replace filters more or less frequently.

NOTE: If you change the pre-filter or filter before the Electronic Filter Check lights are illuminated, it is possible to reset the light indicators. With the unit plugged in, but NOT powered on, press and hold each button individually for at least 5 seconds. This will illuminate the indicator light. After the light turns on, individually press and hold the “Check Filter” or “Check Pre-filter” button until each light goes off. At this point, the filter indicator will be reset to its original “clean” status.

These cleaning intervals are intended as guidelines only. The performance of any filter media is dependent upon the concentration of contaminants going through the system. High concentrations of contaminants such as dust, pet dander, and smoking will reduce the useful performance of the filter.

NOTE: None of the filters are washable. DO NOT immerse them in water.


The Odor Reducing Pre-filter not only helps reduce odors but also helps capture large airborne particles that enter the grille. This pre-filter should be replaced every 3 months, as it will become covered with particles and fibers that will reduce filtration performance.

Use the specially designed Type A Odor Reducing Pre-filter.


We recommend that you clean the air purifier at least once every 3 months and before extended storage. Use only dry cloth to wipe the external surfaces of the air purifier.

If your Air Purifier will not be used for more than 30 days, we recommend that you:

  • Remove the True-HEPA Filters from the unit.
  • Wrap the True-HEPA Filters in an air tight plastic bag.
  • Remove the Odor Reducing Pre-filter and place it in an air tight plastic bag.

what is the model number of this product?

This is the HPA300. It requires 3 HRF-R HEPA filters and an HRF-AP1 prefilter. If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to contact our consumer relations team by emailing us at SocialSupport@helenoftroy.com.

I would like an answer from actual users on how often the filters need to be changed. Consumers Reports state that its operating costs are $193/year.

I have had mine for years. I vacuum the 3 white filters every week when I vacuum. I write the date on them when I put in new ones. I am changing mine today but the last time I did was back in Dec. of 2019. Real good appliance. No problems with mine and am going to order another one for the back of my house where my dogs and I have allergies. The pre-filter I change them every week. I actually hose it down every week and let it dry. You won’t be disappointed with this air purifier.

I am considering buying a Honeywell air purifier. How does this model, the HPA-300, compare to the Honeywell 50250-S?

The HPA300 is rated to cover 465 square feet, while the 50250 is rated to cover 390 square feet. The HPA300 has a one-sided intake and vertical exhaust, while the 50250 has a 360-degree intake and a vertical exhaust. If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to contact our consumer relations team by emailing us at SocialSupport@helenoftroy.com.

Am I correct in seeing the only difference between this model and the HPA300 is the room size it covers?

The difference between the HPA200 and HPA300 is the area each one covers. The HPA250B covers the same area as the HPA200 but has the additional feature of Bluetooth. If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to contact our consumer relations team by emailing us at SocialSupport@helenoftroy.com.

Bought a small purifier for the bedroom and the temperature rose by a couple of degrees. I sleep hot as is. Does this unit make big rooms warmer as well?

No matter what anyone says: whenever you use energy in a room you are releasing energy into the room and the temps will go up. It might not go up much. It depends on how much energy you are releasing into the room. Even a fan to cool you will be releasing energy into the room and therefore will make it warmer.

Is this model the same as the HPA300 model except smaller? Consumer Reports ranked the HPA300 at the top of their list, but it’s big and pricey.

Yes. The HPA200 is the same as the HPA300 except that it’s smaller. I have both units and they both are excellent. They use the SAME filters, and the carbon filter can be cut to size when u re-order. It really depends on your room size. HPA200 is only good for single rooms about 12’x12′. HPA300 is good for rooms that connect to other rooms. Like a living room/kitchen combo. But both models are excellent and work great.

is it quiet?

I run mine on medium, there are multiple settings but I like the medium and I find it quiet, sure there’s a soft blowing sound but I don’t find myself needing to turn up my tv (which its right next to it) I can’t even hear it while I’m watching tv. Higher settings do get a little louder but overall I was really impressed with how quiet it is.

come with filters?

Yes, this unit comes with the filters necessary to run the unit right away. If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to contact our consumer relations team by emailing us at SocialSupport@helenoftroy.com.

It says 155 Sq foot room, which I didn’t realize. I am planning on using it for a 225 sq foot room(15×15)… will it still be useful?

I have a 300 and a 100. According to the size of your room, you need the Honeywell 200. The 100 is not going to do an adequate job. Don’t be disappointed.

Does it come with a filter?

Yes, it comes with a HEPA filter and a pre-filter.

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