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Dyson Pure Cool™ Purifying Fan TP01 complete review

82 / 100

Dyson Pure Cool™ Purifying Fan TP01

Dyson Pure Cool™ Purifying Fan TP01 img


Color White/Silver
Brand Dyson
Product Dimensions 7.7″D x 7.7″W x 40.1″H
Power Source Ac/dc
Item Weight 7.9 Pounds
Control Method Touch
Filter Type HEPA
Floor Area 999 Square Feet
Noise Level 56 dB
Controller Type Remote Control
Item model number 308247-01
Batteries 2 AAA batteries required


When needed, a strong current of filtered airflow will help you cool off. Pollen and pet dander are among the 0.3 micron-sized particles that 99.97% of HEPA filters can catch. Air Multiplier technology is exclusive to Dyson air purifiers. It produces the circulation strength necessary to bring even far-off contaminants into the device, distributing clean air throughout the space. Purified air is projected across the entire space via adjustable oscillation. Magnetized and curved for convenient storage on the machine. No uncomfortable grilles or quickly rotating blades. The filter may be changed quickly and simply. with machine-based alerts for filter life. the PTPA stamp of approval was given. the trusted endorsement by families. The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America has accredited Dyson purifiers as being suitable for those with asthma and allergies.



Attach the remote control to the top of the machine with the buttons facing down.


Sleep timer



To set the sleep timer, select the desired time. When the time reaches zero, the machine will go into standby mode. To cancel, reduce the time until two dashes appear.

Night mode

The night mode will dim the display and run quietly, making it ideal for use while sleeping.


When night mode is enabled (indicated by an illuminated half-moon symbol in the top right corner of the display), the display will dim and after 5 seconds will fade to off. The half moon symbol remains illuminated.

If in manual mode, the power will reduce to level 4. When night mode is activated, if it is already below level 4, it will remain the same. This can be manually changed if desired. The display will illuminate briefly, then fade as before.

If in Auto mode the power will be reduced automatically.

Auto mode

Auto mode adjusts the power according to the air quality in the room.


When Auto mode is enabled (indicated by an A symbol in the bottom left corner of the display), the onboard sensors will intelligently adjust the speed of the machine according to the air quality.


If the air is clean the A symbol will turn green and the numerical display will switch off. If the air quality worsens the A symbol will turn white and the machine will automatically restart cleaning the room.

For additional control, the Dyson Link app can be used to further adjust the sensitivity of the machine.
A period of 6 days is required after the machine is first used for the sensor to calibrate. During this period the machine may be more sensitive to VOCs than normal.

Setting up Dyson Link app


The machine can be enhanced when connected to the Dyson Link app on your smart device.

  1. Download the Dyson Link app, available on iOS and Android.
  2. Select ‘Add a Product’ from within the app and follow the on-screen instructions.
  3. In order to connect the machine, you will need the information on the front of this manual.

Clearing blockages

  • Ensure the machine is unplugged. Look for blockages in the air inlet holes on the filter. Use a soft brush to remove debris.
  • Look for blockages in the small aperture inside the loop amplifier. Use a soft brush to remove debris.
  • Press the buttons to lift off the loop amplifier and lift off the filter.
  • Look for blockages in the air inlet holes under the filter and use a soft brush to remove debris. Replace the filter and then the loop amplifier.


  • Ensure the machine is unplugged. Dust may accumulate on the surface of the machine. Wipe dust from the loop amplifier, filter unit, and other parts with a dry or damp cloth when dust accumulates.
  • Do not use detergents or polishes to clean the machine.
  • Clean the hatch every time the filter is replaced. Open the small hatch on the side of the machine. Use a cotton swab to clean the inside and remove any debris. This maintains sensor accuracy and ensures the continuing high performance of the machine.

Clearing your Wi-Fi settings

It is possible to remove your network details from the appliance.


Press and hold the ON/ OFF button on the appliance for longer than 20 seconds.


The Wi-Fi symbol will flash alternately between white and green to indicate that your network details have been removed.

If you clear your network settings the appliance will not connect to the Dyson Link app.

Enabling or Disabling Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi can be enabled or disabled by pressing and holding the ON/ OFF button on the appliance for between 10 and 20 seconds.


If Wi-Fi is disabled, the appliance will not connect to the Dyson Link app.



If you see a flashing ‘E’ when trying to use the appliance, it is unable to do what has been requested.


If you see a solid ‘E’ when trying to use the appliance, it shows the appliance has stopped functioning correctly.

Make sure you have checked the following:

  • The room temperature is above 5°C/ 41°F.
  • There are no blockages in the inlet grille or loop amplifier outlet.
  • The filter has been correctly assembled and doesn’t need to be replaced.
  • The appliance is correctly plugged in directly to the wall outlet.
  • If the message still displays, unplug it and leave it for 10 seconds before turning it on again. If the problem persists, please call the Dyson Helpline.

I have a 1 bedroom apartment looking for a good fan. I don’t want to buy an ac. which of the Dyson fan would be the best?

The tp04 would be the best of the Dyson products

Will this cool your room like an ac or just blow the same air in the room?

It blows really cool air, I’d say almost like an ac.

Does this blow fan-like air you can feel across the room?

I set mine on auto. It doesn’t blow all the time. If you have smoke or other particulates in the air it blows quite strongly. I wouldn’t use this as my only fan in a big room.

Does this work for resin fumes?

Only if you have open windows. I wouldn’t trust the filter to remove toxic fumes. I suggest you contact the manufacturer. But I wouldn’t risk it without outside air.

will this remove VOCs from silicone/caulking in new windows?

I sincerely doubt it but I do not know.

How often, under normal use, does the filter need to be replaced?

I would say around 9 months to a year.

Do any of you have pets? If so, does it get rid of the pet odor/dander?

That is one of the reasons we got this fan, seems to work well for that function

Can it be used instead of an ac unit? can it cool down the room the same way as the ac?

Not as effective as ac, but pretty damn good.

Does this have an ionizer?

Yes, that is why I bought mine when Covid was just starting 2 yrs ago. Works well as far I can tell. Nobody has been ill since installed.

What’s the package size?

If I recall correctly, the package Is not much bigger than the unit itself, so it will easily fit into your trunk or back seat.

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