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Coway Airmega AP-1512HH(W) True HEPA Purifier complete review

83 / 100

Coway Airmega AP-1512HH(W) True HEPA Purifier



Color White
Brand Coway
Product Dimensions 9.6″D x 16.8″W x 18.3″H
Power Source AC
Item Weight 12.5 Pounds
Item model number ‏AP-1512HH
Rated voltage 120 V~, 60 Hz
Phase Single phase
Power consumption 77 W
Product insulation grade Grade 2 device
Dust collection method Mechanical dust collection method (True HEPA filter)
Safety feature Fan motor is shut down when the front cover is open.
Installation place Indoor use
Maximum volume of air 268.39 ft3/min


All year long, breathe in crisp, clean air in your house. The Coway Mighty True HEPA Air Purifier (AP-1512HH) successfully purifies the air in your house of contaminants. With its dependable 4-stage filtration system, which includes a real HEPA filter, it can handle rooms up to 247 square feet. With its simple touch controls, this air purifier is simple to use. It has several smart features pre-programmed, including an eco-mode, a timer, and an air quality meter. This purifier is ENERGY STAR certified in an effort to protect the environment and save energy costs.

This Coway Airmega AP-1512HH(W) True HEPA Purifier contains a pre-filter, odor filter, HEPA filter, and ionizer as part of its four stages of filtration. Simple to Use: This air purifier’s intuitive touch controls make it simple to use. It is designed with a variety of smart features, including Eco-Mode, a timer, and an air quality monitor. With an ENERGY STAR rating, this purifier will last for many years.


  1. Excellent air purification performanceCoway-Airmega-AP-1512HH(W)-True-HEPA-Purifier-img-1

    The True HEPA filter is capable of trapping airborne allergens and contaminants down to 0.3 microns. The unit’s filter system has been optimized to remove indoor pollutants fast and effectively.

  2. Air quality indicatorCoway-Airmega-AP-1512HH(W)-True-HEPA-Purifier-img-2

    It shows the indoor air pollution level measured by the dust sensor. The color of the air quality indicator changes according to the indoor air pollution level in real-time(Blue → Dark Purple → Red).

  3. Filter replacement indicatorCoway-Airmega-AP-1512HH(W)-True-HEPA-Purifier-img-3

    • The product checks the filter replacement cycle and turns on the relevant indicator, improving customer convenience with regard to filter replacement.
  4. TimeCoway-Airmega-AP-1512HH(W)-True-HEPA-Purifier-img-4

    The timer feature allows you to control how long you want the air purifier to run before automatically powering off.


Front / Rear


Operation / Indication part


Air quality indicator



  • Pre-filter

    It removes relatively large dust and mold, human hair, pet hair, and so on.

  • Deodorization filter

    Deodorization Filter is particularly effective at trapping odor and harmful gas to keep your place fresh and odor-free.

  • True HEPA filter

    The high-performance composite True HEPA filter effectively removes fine dust and cigarette smoke by up to 99.97%.




The product is for 120 V~, 60 Hz only.
Make sure to connect the power plug to a grounded electric outlet (120 V~, 60 Hz) dedicated to the product.



  • Make sure to remove each filter’s plastic bag before installing filters.
  • The product is for household use. Use the product indoors only.
  • When the product is not in use, remove the power plug from the electric outlet.
  • When installing filters, check that the front side of the filters is in the correct direction.
  1. Open the front cover.Coway-Airmega-AP-1512HH(W)-True-HEPA-Purifier-img-10

    Open the front cover by pulling the upper part of it.

  2. Take out filters and remove the plastic bag.Coway-Airmega-AP-1512HH(W)-True-HEPA-Purifier-img-11

    Remove the plastic packing of the filters and install the filters by proper order.

  3. Install the filters as following order: Pre-filter Deodorization filter True HEPA filterCoway-Airmega-AP-1512HH(W)-True-HEPA-Purifier-img-12

    • When you install Pre-filter, make sure to push the grip to install it firmly.



  1. Speed indicatorCoway-Airmega-AP-1512HH(W)-True-HEPA-Purifier-img-14

    It shows the current fan speed. Each indicator is turned on as per its airflow speed.

  2. Eco mode indicatorCoway-Airmega-AP-1512HH(W)-True-HEPA-Purifier-img-15

    It turns on when Eco mode is activated.

  3. Ionizer indicatorCoway-Airmega-AP-1512HH(W)-True-HEPA-Purifier-img-16

    It shows whether the ionizer is turned on or off.

  4. Timer indicatorCoway-Airmega-AP-1512HH(W)-True-HEPA-Purifier-img-17

    It shows the current time setting for air purification. Each indicator is turned on as per its set timer.

  5. Filter replacement indicatorCoway-Airmega-AP-1512HH(W)-True-HEPA-Purifier-img-18

    • Replace the filter when this indicator is on. Refer to filter replacement cycle for each filter.
  6. Air quality indicatorCoway-Airmega-AP-1512HH(W)-True-HEPA-Purifier-img-19

    • It displays the current pollution level of the room.



  1. Power Button Coway-Airmega-AP-1512HH(W)-True-HEPA-Purifier-img-21

    • Use this button to turn the air purifier on or off.
    • To power off, press and hold the power button for one second.
  2. Speed ButtonCoway-Airmega-AP-1512HH(W)-True-HEPA-Purifier-img-22

    • Use this button to adjust the fan speed. Available settings for the fan speed are Auto → 1 → 2 → 3 → ECO.
  3. Ionizer buttonCoway-Airmega-AP-1512HH(W)-True-HEPA-Purifier-img-23

    • Use this button to turn the ionizer on or off.
    • Press and hold the IONIZER button for 3 seconds to turn on or off the air quality indicating light.
  4. Timer ButtonCoway-Airmega-AP-1512HH(W)-True-HEPA-Purifier-img-24

    • Use this button to turn off the air purifier after a predetermined period of time. Available timer settings are 1H, 4H, and 8H.
  5. Filter Reset ButtonCoway-Airmega-AP-1512HH(W)-True-HEPA-Purifier-img-25

    • When the filter replacement indicator Is turned on, replace the concerned filter and press the RESET button.


  • Manual & Auto modeCoway-Airmega-AP-1512HH(W)-True-HEPA-Purifier-img-26

Press the power button and then select the speed of the fan by pressing the speed button.
Auto → 1 → 2 → 3 → ECO.

  • To select the auto modeCoway-Airmega-AP-1512HH(W)-True-HEPA-Purifier-img-27

Press the speed button to activate Eco mode.
Repeat pressing the button until the Eco mode indicator is on.

  • Timer activation/deactivationCoway-Airmega-AP-1512HH(W)-True-HEPA-Purifier-img-28

The Timer feature instructs the air purifier to automatically power off after 1, 4, or 8 hours.

∗ To deactivate the timer, press and hold the Timer button until the indicator is no longer lit.
∗ 1H 4H 8H Timer off


  1. While the air purifier is on, press the airflow speed button and ionizer button for 2 seconds.Coway-Airmega-AP-1512HH(W)-True-HEPA-Purifier-img-29
  2. The speed indicator will flash at 1.0 second intervals with beep. The speed indicator blinks to show the sensor sensitivity.Coway-Airmega-AP-1512HH(W)-True-HEPA-Purifier-img-30
  3. Adjust the sensitivity by pressing the speed button. The speed indicator blinks to show the sensor sensitivity.Coway-Airmega-AP-1512HH(W)-True-HEPA-Purifier-img-31
    • High sensitivity: If the air purifier indicates a pollution level of 1 for longer than one hour when the actual pollution level is higher.
    • Low sensitivity: If the air purifier continues to indicate the highest pollution level even after running the air purifier for more than two hours.
  4. Press the airflow speed button and ionizer button for 2 seconds.Coway-Airmega-AP-1512HH(W)-True-HEPA-Purifier-img-32
    • The air purifier will then resume normal operations.
    • The new setting will also be applied if no button is input for 10 seconds.

CLEANING METHOD of Coway Airmega AP-1512HH(W)

  • Cleaning the air quality sensor (every 2 months)


  1. Open the air quality sensor cover on the right-hand side of the product. Clean the air inlet and outlet vent and then the air quality sensor with a soft brush or vacuum
  2. Wet a cotton swab lightly and clean the lens, dust inlet, and dust outlet. Clean them with a dry cotton swab to remove remaining moisture.Coway-Airmega-AP-1512HH(W)-True-HEPA-Purifier-img-34
    • Without regular cleaning, the performance of the air quality sensor deteriorates.
    • The cleaning cycle differs depending on the operation environment. When using the product in a dusty environment, clean the sensor more often.
  • Cleaning the air inlet and outlet (every 2 months)Coway-Airmega-AP-1512HH(W)-True-HEPA-Purifier-img-35

    • Clean the air inlet and outlet with a soft brush.
    • Exercise caution not to have dust fall inside the air purifier.
    • If covered in dust, run the air purifier in manual mode for 10 minutes to blow the dust off the vent. You may then continue with normal use.
  • Cleaning the front coverCoway-Airmega-AP-1512HH(W)-True-HEPA-Purifier-img-36

    • Separate the front cover from the product and remove the dust attached to the surface with a soft dry brush or cloth.
    • Use lightly wet cloth if the contamination is serious but do not use abrasives.
  • Cleaning the product body (every 2 ~ 4 weeks)Coway-Airmega-AP-1512HH(W)-True-HEPA-Purifier-img-37

    • Use dry, soft cloth to clean the product.
    • Use lightly wet cloth if the contamination is serious but do not use abrasives.
  • Cleaning the pre-filter (every 2 ~ 4 weeks)

    1. Open the front cover by pulling out the top part of it.Coway-Airmega-AP-1512HH(W)-True-HEPA-Purifier-img-38
    2. Press down on the top clip of the pre-filter and pull it out.Coway-Airmega-AP-1512HH(W)-True-HEPA-Purifier-img-39
      • To prevent dust from falling off, remove the filter carefully without exerting a shock.
    3. Clean the pre-filer with a vacuum cleaner or with water depending on the level of contamination.Coway-Airmega-AP-1512HH(W)-True-HEPA-Purifier-img-40
    4. Install the pre-filter after removing the moisture completely. Fit the front cover back to the product.Coway-Airmega-AP-1512HH(W)-True-HEPA-Purifier-img-41
      • When refitting the pre-filter to the product, fit it in the hook correctly.


  • Filter cleaning and replacement cycles

    Filter Cycles Method
    Pre-filter Every 2~4 weeks Cleaning
    Deodorization filter Every 6 months Replacement
    True HEPA filter Every 1 year Replacement
    • Each service life is based on 8-hour use in maximum air speed.
    • The recommended filter replacement cycles may differ depending on the operating environment.
  • Resetting the filter replacement indicator

    1. Reset indicator blinks when the filter needs to be replaced.
    2. Odor LED : Deodorization Filter
      HEPA LED : True HEPA filter
    3. The pollution level indicator will not turn on if the filter replacement indicator is activated.
    4. After replacing filter, push the Reset button for 2 seconds.
  • Forcible reset mode

When you have replaced a filter before the filter replacement cycle is reached, you can forcibly reset the filter replacement cycle back to the factory default setting.

  1. When the reset function is not activated, press and hold the reset button for 2 seconds.
  2. Press the reset button to select the desired filter to forcibly reset.
    Press once: Odor LED (Deodorization Filter)
    Press twice: HEPA LED (True HEPA Filter)
  3. After you select the filter to reset, press and hold the reset button for 2 seconds. And then, the accumulated time in electronic time counter is erased.
    • If there is no input for 5 seconds in forcible reset mode, the reset mode is cancelled.

Does this come with the filters included?

It comes with 1 HEPA filter (1-year est.) and 1 carbon filter (6-month est.) Based on the reviews though, the filter tends to last longer than the estimate.

Does this remove PM 2.5 ?

Yes, it does remove PM2.5 particles effectively. PM 2.5 is right in a HEPA filter sweet spot. HEPA filters remove 99.97% of particles above 0.3 micrometers, and PM2.5 are right around 2.5 micrometers, so this would be extremely effective at doing so. This is true of all HEPA filters though, nothing special here.

How is the airflow? I am looking for a purifier that can sort of double as a fan… will this work?

this thing works beautifully as a fan for white noise. Sleep to it every night. I have had my Coway (non-WIFI) model for three years. I have been running it 24/7/365 days a year. On high every night. It will create a nice breeze for you also.

what is the Max square foot space for this purifier to do its best?

The manufacturer recommends 361sq ft. I use it in my 1089sq ft condo, works great. A larger square ft is okay, just takes longer to clean the air.

how long does the filter last?

I’d recommend cleaning the nylon screen once in a while. I’ve had this air purifier for over a year (and am about to order another). I’ve got two cats, and the nylon screen collects a lot of cat fur.

Does it have any odor at all when new out of the box (plastic smell, toxic, etc.)?

The filters definitely have an odor out of the box. I’ve had it the machine running for about 7 hours and it’s starting to improve.

How noisy is the machine?

When the power button is pressed, each session begins and ends with a lovely little melody, and the machine itself is pretty quiet. It sits in the background nicely. Coming from someone who admittedly prefers white noise, it is surprisingly quiet. The differing speeds do get slightly louder, but it is not overwhelming. One doesn’t have to raise his/her voice to communicate when it is running.

Does this unit filter out cigarette smoke?

Yes, it does. I started smoking in the house, and it does pick most of it up. In a smaller room, I think it gets it all. Does a good job! I ask friends if they can smell it and they say no (from smoking the night before). Very pleased. I do have to check the filter at least once a week between that and dog hair.

Is the on/off button toggle type? I want to use a Z-wave module to turn it on or off based on a schedule.

It’s a single power button, push it once to turn it on and again to turn it off. If you cut the power while it is on, and then reconnect the paper, it will go back to its previous fan speed before the power was disconnected. Therefore it should work fine with a timer or other remote power relay system.

how much electricity or wattage does it consume?

I have one of those things that measure wattages around here someplace but haven’t put it on this machine. I’ve had this running 24 hours a day (sometimes on high for several hours but always on at least the second speed) and I have no noticeable difference in my electric bill from 1 month to another nor in approximate wattage used compared to last year.

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